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  1. KingFoxGR

    How Change Forum ID?

    If you mean your display name, you can change it here: If you mean your account ID (40570) then its not pssible. Why would you like to change it?
  2. KingFoxGR

    Over & Out

    I still cant belive that you are leaving... Twisted Gamers will never be the same without you. Thanks for everything. Good luck with your life.
  3. KingFoxGR

    A career in MTA ends here

    I'm very sad to see you leaving... You were one of the greatest persons in MTA. Good luck with your life.
  4. KingFoxGR

    Cant donate

    Try to restart all your PC's and your router. If you still experiencing problems, then try to change your password. If you still experiencing problems, then contact admins.
  5. KingFoxGR

    Cant donate

    Maybe someone else have access to your account?
  6. KingFoxGR

    Twisted Gamers 5 year anniversary!

    Happy Birthday TG!
  7. KingFoxGR

    Idea to Freeroam!

    Do you understand what you said? You were talking about FREEROAM.
  8. KingFoxGR

    Idea to Freeroam!

    I think there were. "Do not bother players while missions".
  9. KingFoxGR

    Idea to Freeroam!

    So if someone is camping on DM or spaming the chat he will be jailed especially on freeroam?#Not The idea is useless if freeroam is not going to have rules.
  10. KingFoxGR

    TG In Your Point Of View!

    When Stroiter makes a unban request @Megadreams be like:
  11. KingFoxGR

    [Suggestion] Online radio ( Forum )

    Would be cool to make the /youtube command in-game to stream here too!
  12. KingFoxGR

    Leader bug

  13. KingFoxGR


    Congratulations to all the new members and good luck with your trials!
  14. KingFoxGR

    BF4 GTA V Wallpaper!

    Dat resolution > -_-