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  1. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage ft.??? - Impossible Skills [FT Request][UPDATE]

    Its Awsome Song <3 ::D
  2. Hello Guys, this is the Update from my FT Request, i did already more Parts, and much Fixed, and other Fixes comes on the End, if all Parts done. and i Search a Nice Dude who can Decorate the Map :D! Enjoy!:D Video Bug, 14 Min lel Skype: mtazocker2000
  3. Aftershock

    NurzZ ft. ? - NoliferZ

    Add maybe bit more Parts, Map looks Good. Regards uRage.
  4. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage ft.?? - Impossible Skills

    Bist du die Map schon gefahren? ist die Map fertig? alsoxD
  5. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage ft.?? - Impossible Skills

  6. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage ft.?? - Impossible Skills

    Hello Guys, i search a FT Partner for Deco / Parts. My Parts not finished!, and i fix some Parts on end. If u want Join the FT Contact me on Skype: mtazocker2000
  7. Use a Picture from you xD
  8. Aftershock

    SoundwaveZ ft. ??? (ft. ???) - ???

    Looks not Bad. gz uRage.
  9. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage v1 - The Reborn

    <3 and Audi did a ffs thread to
  10. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage v1 - The Reborn

  11. Aftershock

    [DM]uRage v1 - The Reborn

    Firstly, thanks Audi for the Record!, i know Map is not very long. but its not Bugged Enjoy!:D Skype Audi: harry789.101112 Skype Me: mtazocker2000 Download:!5EcUiBpQ!cAW0ghHkaZKDYiAMxZ4mobpkPn96oQyGZPvj-PhnkcM
  12. Aftershock

    Flexxy! Vol. 2 - Higher Love [Download]

    Nice Map, keep Mapping. and Record to.
  13. Aftershock

    Search ~ Recorder

    Search: Recorder for my Map. Contact: Skype: mtazocker2000
  14. Lovely <3 :D

  15. Aftershock

    The new Beginning of the Reborn [PREVIEW]

    WHere is the problem