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  1. Hi guys im saying this To All

    Why TG Cant invite SomeOne From Tunisia for saying tunisa what are talking about :))

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    2. SquoniX


      Language kind of matters when it comes to joining TG, but it can't be considered an easy way of joining the clan. You still have to be mature, loyal, etcetera; qualities which many players on TG sadly lack.

    3. Pitko


      Considering Synchro (Yes, he's from Tunisia.) was a part of TG, it clearly shows that the country you live in doesn't affect your chances in joining our clan. (Just for a record: Synchro got kicked because of his inactivity, not because he lives in Tunisia.)

    4. GoCrazy


      @Pitko Bro im not saying bcz he live in tunisia ik Synchro was in TG and hes my firned we was talking and Co! 2 with us if you want ask him but i think TG want Good Tunisa players as

  2. GoCrazy

    [DM] CG7 & GanzoA9 vol.5 - Blame

    Good map CG7,Nice Song and nice Record :))
  3. GoCrazy

    [DM] Rampage vol.2 - Expendable Way

    Nice Record @NoN i like the map :)
  4. GoCrazy

    [DM]MYSTIC# v1 - Mine

    Nice Record Flexyyyyyy,I Like It :)
  5. GoCrazy

    BlueRay's V2 Elegy [Dodge SRT]

    Good Job, In Like It :))
  6. GoCrazy

    FoundeR's Introduction

    Welcome And Enjoy your Stay :))
  7. GoCrazy

    Coronet INTRO

    Good Job :))
  8. xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd awesome profile Photo 

  9. GoCrazy

    [DM]LeX-_-ft.-_-Boss-_-Forgotten-_-Island -III-

    Nice Record :))
  10. GoCrazy

    [DM] NoN v5 - Humble Exaggeration [DOWNLOAD]

    Good Work,And I Love The Song :)
  11. Gz Too Alll Trial Members ;)

  12. Good Work,I Like The Song :) @iRanLee.
  13. GoCrazy

    Flexxy's Quality Test #1

    Good Job Bro,And Good Map :)