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  1. Siisti-C

    The end

    Rip the best community in the best game. Enjoyed the time i spent in the clan back in day, still regret leaving.
  2. I disagree with this idea. Me and many others like playing "fun-dd" in TG. Seperating "fun-dd" and "dd" would have a negative effect imo.. You should just upload more "real dd-maps" to improve the ratio of "dd" to "fun-dd". Can't say anything regarding PvPs, since it has always been about who has had more friends to support them. I believe that a PvP room idea was suggested way back, so it would be the only fix for these problems.
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  5. Congratulations everyone, especially to @Mazda and @Cumb1erO. Hopefully every trial will take most out of this opportunity, and not mess it up.
  6. Gj bois. TG will take over mta soon!
  7. Good luck! Just ignore all those haters and make them shut up by showing them the progress!
  8. Good bye mate. Keep being a phenomenal one in your real life!