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  1. Can't I just delete the "TG" Folder only ?? Cuz thatwill risk downloading gigabytes of other servers :/
  2. I tried it millions of times but not working ... My net works great in other servers what is firewall ??!! I dont think it has anything to do with my problem ...
  3. So Guys I have recently reinstalled MTA ... But now I cant download the Gamemode ... Same thing happened in EPG but I informed puma and he gave me a download link for the whole 25 Mb ( Gamemode files ) So if any admin or scripter can upload the map files compressed on any host that would be Great And also my skype is : Attacker771 Thanks in advance !!
  4. I dont rly know how ... How can I do it ??.
  5. Hey Guys its me K-9 !! I have a serious problem that I have been facing for couple of days ... Everytime I try to connect to TG it downloades the files untill it reaches the middle of the download and stops ... I have waited for hours / reinstall Mta / uninstall and install ... And nothing worked out ... I even restarted my router ... And also it happens on TG / Efe / - If anybody knows a solution dont hesitate ... Thanks in advane !!
  6. Does Transformers Get a Car insurance ...... Or a life insurance ?? :huh:

  7. Dammmm !!! That Record Tho !! Nice Job '!and awesome Map !!!
  8. @Cathrine Happy Birthday !! Enjoy Ur day !! <3

  9. The map is absloutly beautiful ... It is just Great !! Good Job Bro
  10. This week <3 no school on Tuesday and Wednesday .... Fck YEAA lets play em !!! 

  11. "TG 3.0 Is close" 

    They said ..... 

    1. Thomas


       I think they meant closed Kappa

  12. Does anybody here play Gangster Vegas ?? :d

    1. SquoniX


      Yes, finished it. Weird controls. :P

    2. K-9


      xd I am still in level 17 

      But I have freakin awesome vehicles !!!! xddd

  13. Happy hallowen Everybody !!!! Merry Christmas !!! 

    1. GlitterGoose


      It's too cold to be celebrating halloween here lol :D It's snowing already

    2. K-9


      Will here in Egypt it is a.little bit cold ;D sometimes Rainy !! But not snowy :'( I wish Egypt had snow :'(

    3. Botond


      It's a bit too early to celebrate christmas. Anyway, happy halloween for you, too. :D

  14. Finally the weekend is here !!! 

  15. Happy Birthday Fano23 !!!! Enjoy it Man !! 

  16. Weekend .... WHERE THE &amp;%*&#036; ARE YOU ?? 

  17. How does apples taste better while they are cutted in 4 quarters than eating it without cutting ..... 

    A myth that scientists never knew its answer ...... 

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    2. K-9


      GENIUS !!!! 

    3. Suspect-san


      I know,right?


    4. K-9


      There is a huge diffrence between slices apples and iphones xddddddd

  18. K-9


    I prefer increasing the ping limit in Oldschool room to 500 Cuz sometimes my ping goes to 500 or 600 and never gets down ... :'(
  19. Hey geys ets meeeh !! 

  20. Tege 3.0 whre ar u ? :'( 

    1. Ramsy


      Hidden deep in the Half-Life 3 config file.

    2. K-9



  21. Guys I am going to buy an Xbox 360 !! From Ebay but I am a little bit lost so if anyone have some tips for something good and cheap !! Plz reply to this status !!! :D 

  22. Hey Guys anybody have some ideas about Xbox ?? Like what are the best and cheap one to buy from eBay ?? 

    1. SquoniX


      Consoles suck. #PCMasterRace

    2. K-9


      Well I played xbox couple of time and I liked how they work but pc still the Master (y) xd