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  1. pp79

    eh yad wa74ny neeek ana yannts hat den om ay 7aga face whats

  2. Mazen

    The End Of My Journey

    Bye. GL in your life..
  3. I see that TG is Improving but sadly you guys are still choosing wrong people except @Boudi. ;) Congratulations badaboudtyy
  4. Mazen

    CTF Tournament Final

    GJ @Boudi bs a3dl den om al size f al mara aly gaya @Boudi
  5. Happy birthday :579dcf9ef0152_EmojiSmiley-18::579dcfbc4fba9_EmojiSmiley-173:

    1. Tron.


      Thanks Buddy

  6. Mazen


    commands: /kill -> Commits suicide. /knock -> Allows/disallows being capable of falling from moto/bikes. /goto [player name/part] -> Warps you to a player. /passive -> Staying in passive mode allows you to avoid getting killed. /parachute -> Gives you a parachute. /armor -> This command is to buy armor for player (cost: 2,500). /health -> You can buy a health recover for 5,000. /vehicle [vehicle name or id] ->Spawns a vehicle. /fix -> Fixes the vehicle you're in. /nos -> Adds nos to your vehicle. /hydralics -> Adds hydralics to your vehicle. /vflip -> Rotates the car up. /paintjob -> Sets a paintjob for your vehicle (only works on certain vehicles). /lock -> Lock or unlock your car. Note: Weapons are really controlled, once you buy or get a free weapon there's a cooldown to get a new one (bought weapons have a really reduced cooldown). /weapon -> Gives you a random weapon with low ammo. /weaponb -> You can buy a more powerfull weapon for 10,000 (its selected randomly). Minigames: /sniper -> Teleports you and give you an sniper to fight against other players. /minigun -> Almost same as sniper, but even faster to kill or die! @Lochan
  7. Mazen

    Chipy Vol.9 - Illusionism III

  8. It's awesome Daxx, Keep it up.
  9. Mazen

    Official Nothing To Lose Theme. #3

    I have posted it here so that I show others that I've improved myself in designing, It is called Media & Art, this section is made to show off your designs and arts you have made. @Surflexy
  10. Hello there Today I will present to you the new official Nothing To Lose theme #3 designed by me, Hope you like it. Screenshots: ___________________________________________ Download
  11. Amazing job as always, Keep it up.
  12. It's great work from you dude, Keep it up.