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  1. subzeroDZ

    The end

    Imo it' not sad end i met many good friends who still with me today 💙 it was best server andbest days in mta
  2. I just asked about it ... so are you going to ignore that unawarded Prizes ? or is there solution ?
  3. What about competition winners 2016 ! just wondering since no one mentioned it is... it canceled or what ? ty
  4. wake up "TG"  :579dcf9f26113_EmojiSmiley-19:
    FFS run away so far from you :579dcf9bb84b3_EmojiSmiley-02:
    gj TG gj ............ next updat : tg 3.0 soon .

  5. Hi guys this my new song ^-^ i hope u like and comment for me ... enjoy
  6. We want 'os' tournament or something else to restore TG vitality ... tg is ded 


  7.     So.... idk how to start what i want to say ,but as an old school (os) player or anyone who love this room we wants to take "tt's" as any player and there is who trained the maps harder and and and ...that's why we need auto b "ab" but sometimes the others dies and we can't reach the gaols we only w8 if admin in room to do "ab" for us which make us break the rules sometimes and tell somebody to camp for us :/ 
        Anyway, i became take the chance and w8ting untill the "os" room to be empty to buy my favorit maps (and who didn't that xd ) ,but sometime someone join the room and ruin everything ,like this kid who ask for money to camp for me i keep ignore him but he keep enter and enter when the map start :/  if i didn't give him money .

        All what i want to say what's the problem if we have "ab" in os room like "DM" room or the other servers i joined, or at least buy it like 'ffs' server do, if the answer is there will be campers if "ab" always enabled in os room believe me campers always exist , it's already in "DM" what's the different if it was in "os" room .
        Im just wondering about this since "TG" put spawn change, It would be a great addition if you guys add "ab" in old school room too .ty :579dcf9ec534c_EmojiSmiley-17:

    1. Suspect-san


      'i became take the chance and w8ting untill the "os" room to be empty to buy my favorit maps (and who didn't that xd )' - How painfully true that line is :579dcfa00b6ef_EmojiSmiley-24:

    2. Co2


      I totally agree with him 

    3. Heibara


      what is os

      what is oldschool


  8. why there is some rude admins ?? some of you make TG died .
    i thought admins were in the server for helping players and try to make everything clean and organizer for better server , if someone insulting must muted if someone need "ab" just press the damn button!! but this days too much kids insulting [i talk about arabic language ] and no punishment . What's the problem if you take 5 mn from time to test map when someone request you with nice way ..but no u can test only ur map and accept it ... THE BIG PROBLEM is if player going to take tt in some map and just say : ab pls .. admin ignoring or left the room ?! did i ask piece from your body or what ? i hope my message going up for some admins to stop this behavior ... and i hope to put some admins in "OS" room caus no one there to help players! (22 member)

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    2. Al1eN


      And if there is not any admin online and someone needs to know what to press to ab who would help him? It's you. Talking now about myself, I feel myself sometimes very busy due you all are requesting me for help and sometimes I have to move to another area just for a bullshit and that makes me be mad so please stop complaining about everything, most of you are waiting for a fail to complain, report and those shits. Just trying you to know what a bullshit have you written. 

    3. Mecha


      I understand your feeling. But you must understand we are not robots, pets neither.
      Personnaly, I don't really enjoy to redo maps overplayed, because playing the same maps over and over again is really boring. But, I enjoy it even less when a redo is asked via spams and without any kind of respect against us... Like "redo" "redo" "redo" every 5 seconds. The same for "ab".
      Moreover, I don't think every admins know about "ab". The first time I came in OS as an admin, players just keeping asking me for ab, whereas I didn't know how to do that.

      About insulting, be free to report them, you must know only one of us understand arabic language and it's @DiablO.

    4. subzeroDZ


      i'm not here for complaint or threaten someone of you , cause there is report section for that kind of things . About what @Al1eN said ,i know that we all have busy time in real life and im not talking about admins who is not online !! i'm explain what i see and yeah there is some kids in TG clan that's just my opinion , and i'm against that "redo" " redo" "redo" and "ab" "ab" "ab" , it's okay with once to twice , but to ignore or say no cause you the only one who don't like to ab or redo ? this call hatred !

      pls!! don't take this as an complaint i want to make someone understand and be mature enough to stop this child behaviour...