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  1. Spotlight

    [DM] DarkyZ! v4 - Friendship ^

    Nice map dude ! Man the deco is a beat all the same but the track is fine, try to put more curves if you want smoth track. Next map try to map above the water it makes tropical way cooler in my opinion and mix with some nice object like wood and pilars. Get you imagination out in your deco
  2. Spotlight

    Stepping forward

    Good luck guys !!
  3. Spotlight

    Going out

    Podes crer que sim !
  4. Spotlight

    Cya guys

    Good luck my old friend and good luck !!
  5. Spotlight

    My time to leave.

    Man you never ever talk in the server so I never had time to met you but good luck !
  6. Spotlight

    The end of V1SH4L'~'

    We still in contact...good luck !
  7. Spotlight

    Expose yourself.

    LETS JUMP JUMP JUMP !!! @V1SH4L Fixed bro thanks (delete all erro topics, i did post 5 time same photo because of the bug)
  8. Spotlight

    Expose yourself.

  9. Spotlight

    Expose yourself.

    Hallo !!
  10. Spotlight

    Expose yourself.

    What style it is ? i did shotokan 2 years ago Glow fucking party !!
  11. HATERS of Portugal thanks you feed our game !

  12. FRANCE !!!!