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  1. Happy birthday asshole :579dcfae886d2_EmojiSmiley-102:

  2. Cogratulations @Thomas :u hay @Known congratz @gemi Congratz nolifer @RadheNfelicidades putita @MousyCongratulations bro @Surflexy Viado wb
  3. ExTreMe14

    [THEME] Twisted Gamers v2

    Good job viadhino
  4. ExTreMe14

    i'm back

    Welcome back Proddy!
  5. ExTreMe14

    [DM] WuW - Servant of Satisfaction

    Nice map.
  6. Your in-game nickname:#Extreme<~ Your country: Dominican Republic Time & days when you might be mostly active:Everyday, morning to night ( if i dont have to go anywhere) Are you part of some team in the tournament (YES/NO):Yes.
  7. ExTreMe14

    Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Im glad too see @fano23 taking that role he deserved it ( igual te odio :v) Congratulations @PRODaN (Lipa is life.), Congratulations everyone! @Krew.
  8. ExTreMe14

    BouDi's Shooter Montage

    Nice Boudi
  9. ExTreMe14

    Best CTF Players

    Hello guys!! I would like to know your opinions about the best CTF players, i already did one about the best oldschool players and i want to see your opinions.
  10. ExTreMe14

    Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    CONGRATULATIONS @Hope, @Bullet:3, @Tron., AND FINALLY FFS @SquoniX
  11. ExTreMe14

    Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    @Krew LO HICISTE POR FIN :VVVV, Felicidades hijueputa
  12. HappyBirthDay Pizza boy!! love uu!

  13. FELICIDADES!!, estas cada vez más vieja , momia xd.

    1. Fano23


      En todo caso yo seria faraon y tu la momia ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; )