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  1. Hello Gerckz! Can you accept my friend request in ur skype? 

  2. xGreckZ

    Peace, It's me AbedY.

    Welcome aboard, nice too meet you.
  3. Well, My point is that i've been waiting with activity and its easy to wait without the activity.
  4. Well, I think that this is not for me, Seems like you dont see when someone is really active and want to join aboard, I was really active and i waited more than 6 months and I put a huge effort to my join request but okay, you didnt have it in count, Congratz to eveyone !!.
  5. xGreckZ

    [DM]uRage v1 - The Reborn

    The map looks fine for a first solo map, great job.
  6. Happy birthday rubyyy, have a nice one !!

  7. xGreckZ

    Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Congratz everyone, totally deserved !!
  8. Nossa nossa, Asim voce me mata.

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    4. Canky
  9. xGreckZ


    Bye dude, see ya and take care of yourself !!
  10. xGreckZ

    I am out.

    Well, I didn't expect such thing bro, see you and take care of yourself good luck and hope to see you playing around.
  11. xGreckZ

    Some TG 2 Improvements

    From my point of view everything is ok, hope to see every point as soon as possible :D
  12. xGreckZ

    Suggestion for the DM mapshop

    I think that you should apply something which you could buy one map and when ur map is played, you could buy another map, so my point is that you should wait until ur map bought is played to buy another one, however your idea is good as well.
  13. xGreckZ

    Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    Congratz @Hope & @Bullet:3 <3, also to @Tron., @SquoniX, @IntreLeX & @Break totally deserved guys !!, kinda bad cuz I didn't figure between the news.
  14. Server is back!! Finally