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  1. Fraan

    Hello im back here

    Wena chein!! Welcome :)
  2. Fraan

    Ron1 says "Hi"

    Heey Ron1, welcome back.
  3. Fraan

    Expose yourself.

    Eminem, la modeloca. #ArgentinaIsWhite
  4. Fraan

    Xizen introduction

    Oiiiii João Welcome!
  5. Fraan

    Uh, Hello.

    Sunseeet hiii :D
  6. Fraan

    Hello I'm Smyx :)

    I see what you're doing here huh. tryna gain some more posts huh.
  7. Lel
  8. Did the friends thingy get removed from the forum or everyone just deleted me from their list? :sad:

    1. Mazda


      It got removed :tongue:

    2. Unix


      Friends were removed from the forum with the latest IPB update, there is a follower system instead

    3. Fraan


      Well thats even worse, i got none :(


  9. Fraan

    Your favourite movies/films

    ​Wat ​The book thief The helpIf i stayWater for elephantsMy sister's keeperThat awkward momentThe great gatsbyGet him to the greekLet's be copsDistrict 10
  10. Fraan

    ~ Passords introduction

    Hiii! I always thought you were kofi but k :)
  11. Fraan

    Zurio and Twisted Gamers are merging

    awwee half of the team sucks and the other half is just
  12. Fraan

    What are you listening at the moment?