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  1. I feel cheerful right now, thank you for this opportunity. It's an honor to be in such a huge team. I'll try to give my best for the community and won't waste this chance. Also, my dear congratulations for others developers who made it into the team and the promoted trials. Congratulations also for Flag’s Addiction, they did a great job during all the tournament.
  2. May you have a lovely birthday DaN.

    1. PRODaN


      Thank you dude !

  3. After tomorrow, we're going to face one of the best teams in the tournament. A team who managed to be the winner of the last-year tournament. I am glad to see my team in the semi-finals, although it's our first time to play together. I also would like to thank @Mazen for this cinematic 3rd dimensional banner for our match against Perrin Satanquence666.
  4. We had a tough match against Outlaws. It took us two hours of play-time. We played more than four extra times in the 3rd round and managed to get a win-score. We won two rounds and lost a round. We're going to face another hard team in the semi-finals - Perrin Satanquence666. You could see a graphic banner includes the players and date/time, made by @Mazen.
  5. Tomorrow we're going to face the Outlaws in the quarter-finals. We are expecting a hard match against a team whom got strong players. We are not looking for a loss, as we hope to pass this stage and qualify to the semi-finals. We are probably well-prepared and we wish the other team best of luck. I also would like to thank our beloved designer @Mazen for the epic banner.
  6. Brotherhood Without Banners is a ctf-tournament team found and led by Suspect and BouDi. This team started out with a bunch of friends. Our main goal is to have fun and to be one of the finalists. Our team consists of seven players whom are: Suspect BouDi Sora erudos Fox nuRd MaZeN. We have managed to pass the group stage as the top one. We have played two matches and the third was a forfeit from the other team. We gained 8 points from 9 points. We are going to face the Outlaws in the quarter-finals. There will be a detailed post about it soon.
  7. Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are, happy birthday bro.

  8. Unexpected work from the three of you, can't wait to try it out.
  9. I'm speechless, the decoration looks extremely astonishing.
  10. My dear congratulations for those who made it into TG, especially mousy.
  11. The track is smooth and cool, as well as these colors. I'm glad to see you back BuDyA, good job.
  12. i will say admin

  13. boudi yesterday tron banned me 1 day

    why ban me now perm?

    1. Boudi


      What am I supposed to do?:579dcf9fd383e_EmojiSmiley-23: