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  1. Congratulations for the new faces also new developer! :D
  2. [DM] Gteatero ft. Thenico - Dark Inception VI :p Nice map and record but shit track and deco and good mep.
  3. HNY Guys c:

    1. Danx




    2. TheDragon


      (TEAM) Danx~: You are trash 


  4. Congratulations to the new trials!! Special for: - @RadheN Mi peruanito hermoso te lo mereces c: - @Surflexy Viado ctm :D - @Known My Favorite Mapper :3 And ofthers well deserved too :)
  5. Khe Forum Update Break, Fantastic work!

  6. Congratulations to all new trials also new co-leader!! @SquoniX Finally did it m8
  7. Sad to see we won't receive our awards for Competition, i was having some screen of the winners on my cellphone and i lost this by an fail i really sad for lost this photos but i am remember some names but not all for every area winners i can prodive you if you want @Impzy , as hard effort of me in hunter kills will not be pay.. :( #FAIRPLAY4COMPETITIONWINNERS!!
  8. Hey, well good news and gratz for the trials for past they period. but what about the competition, we gonna received our prices you promise when TG 3.0 Launch? I was the hunter kills winner :'c
  9. Congratulations Guys :D Special for Lehelms! Pro viado kkkk '='
  10. Alcatraz Island <33 :3 Gretz little peps :D