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  1. R1KUZ

    Santa, ok.

    cya m8
  2. R1KUZ

    [DM]Cheslav ft. ? - ?

    lol i wanna help u in both xd trackwise, maybe deco who knows. contact me in skype if u like
  3. R1KUZ

    I am sorry.

    i also felt like that several times when trying to join tg cuz people said i was a kid so ye, shit on that and do your best from now on (:
  4. R1KUZ


    Welcome Btw, i rly need to build my own house, spacy enough to have sex freely, can u help?
  5. R1KUZ

    Infernus Agera One by DaXx

    I don't really like it. And Agera ≠ One:1 XD
  6. R1KUZ

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    GZ GUYS! And @Vetor3x i told u to dont give up fgt, very happy 4 u. LETS HYPE
  7. R1KUZ

    Leaving everything behind..

    Shit, goodbye Slovakia. How many fucking members are gone already? Wtf
  8. R1KUZ

    NoNameZ's Farewell!

    @NoNameZ Fck you John, not even a goodbye or a thanks to me... :(
  9. R1KUZ


    Jesus dude. Feels so bad to know someone this close to us passed away... Well, R.I.P and stay strong all you from his family or friends circle.
  10. R1KUZ

    Hello, I'm back.

    ohh shit man! get them old but gold maps going again! welcome <:
  11. R1KUZ

    Stepping forward

    gz u both, pit and pimpzy u guys did great never giving up is the key, we've been through hard times and we're getting better every each day guys let's just fucking do this
  12. R1KUZ

    Bent Shade by Juanpa + Download

    comment the &amp;%*&#036; outta this! btw, i like it how u named it as "bs", pictures reality
  13. R1KUZ

    [DM] Smyx - Surrection Descend

    looks good, nice work
  14. R1KUZ

    [TOOL] Mirage's Object Controller [DL]

    super useful, gj. imma download it already kek