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  1. God damnit. Why you put the schedule to August -.- I tought you wi held it in the beginning of summer, almost right the same time as Steam Summer Sale .-. (My holiday is already over .-.) I wonder if the match will be held midnight on my time(GMT+7)(and in active days). I will fking quit if you held it midnight and in active days...... (;﹏;) Pls make the tournament schedules on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). :3 And my fking god @Surflexy, how did you make it here? I am still confused XD Btw welcome new slaves? hhhhhhh
  2. KenHunter

    Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    /redo Admins!!!!!! XD <3
  3. KenHunter

    Share your MTA montages here

    Well my third shooter montages :D Better quality but RIP Skills because my keyboard is wider than before so it kinda hard to control the car :P
  4. KenHunter

    Share your MTA montages here

    Dafuq. Np but Idfc about it all. Skills matter still :v My second Shooter Montage STILL RIP QUALITY. Nah skills matter right? I dont freaking care about it all. Anyway enjoy :v
  5. KenHunter

    Share your MTA montages here

  6. Merry Chrismast to all Christian,Catholic,Protestant or whatever it is :v

    Wish you have a good luck, healthy, and year

  7. KenHunter

    Final News of 2016

    Fk me. I really really wanted to test this TG 3.0 server. :'v I am so sad to hear i am not going to test this new server :'( I am so exited doh :'v Btw what is the procedure to replacing someone? Because I am wanted rly hard to test this net TG server. Btw what date that these beta tester test this server and until when the beta become realese?
  8. KenHunter

    hey all i new player in TG

    Welcome. I am Indonesian too. Selamat Datang. Semoga kau betah disini :D Kalau aku dari Surabaya
  9. KenHunter

    We will never die!

    Ye. I know it. I will see you there on TG 3.0. By the way what is the new feature of 3.0 which you all offer? I want to know some of it :D I really can't wait to know what is the new feature
  10. KenHunter

    We will never die!

    I know dude but they need to refresh their server have a new gamemode and fix bugs and dont forget PROMOTE!
  11. KenHunter

    We will never die!

    possible but time is running out! They need to work faster XD
  12. KenHunter

    We will never die!

    But sorry I dont think so doh. This server loses some of its best players. Almost half doh! And be realistic. Before at my time now 2:22 AM usually before there were a lot of people logged in almost 90 or even 100+ players but now I see only about 40-70 players logged in
  13. KenHunter

    The end of V1SH4L'~'

    OMG Vishal I will miss u too :( When I was playing this server for the first time, you are the only one who was I recorgnized as an Admin. Well Good Bye. Have a better life. I and the other players are missing u so much. (DMastah). WHY A LEGEND ALWAYS LEAVE SO SOON!!!! Wew nice boobs doh :v :v
  14. Unix, I have an Idea, if GK (Ground Killing) is disable so all player cant kill another player with shooting the ground, all player will be shooting the real Car, not the Ground. So all player in this server will become Pro, shot the real car not the Ground This is my Suggestion to build a Pro Player and Server :DD and another idea is, if someone writing please Tag a writing Icon above the Head