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  1. BALUMBALANG! Record By SymoN
  2. [DM] iNitreke ft Sniiper ft L!nK^^ - The old Experience Hello everyone! Today I bring you a new ft .. This map has been finished after a long years, has an old look but also has its updated look, I hope and like it! Thanks to KATGE for this incredible Recor and iNitreke and Sniiper for granting to finish their map.. ••Video••»The old Experience••Music••»Chelsea Cutler - ScriptsFollow Chelsea Cutler••Game••MTA San Andreas»Infernus mod : Micra v5»Lights made by: Nitron»Ultrathing»Subscribe please !!»I hope you like the video.••Want to record your map?••»Contact Me:»Skype: quartztvRegards KATGE
  3. Hey Guys! After a long time, I finally got the map! Today I present to you this good simple map and easy to pass! .. I hope you like it and enjoy! ••Video••»Supremacy II••Music••»Nutronic - Digital UniverseMusic used for entertainment only, under copyright disclaimer section 107.••Game••MTA San Andreas»Infernus mod : Micra v5»Lights made by: Nitron»Ultrathing»Subscribe please !!»I hope you like the video.••Want to record your map?••»Contact Me:»Skype: quartztvRegards KATGE
  4. Experl Geedo Thanks To Gerc for Awesome record!
  5. Hello community, TaZ and I are looking for someone who wants to finish our ft request .. This map has about 1 year and a few months, we have not been able to finish it because TaZ does not have so much time and for my part because recently I lost many maps In a host and I demotivate, which led me to stop with the mapping .. Anyone interested can leave their name with skype, just need to take the map to 3:30 min and do a deco style, can be the one of Norbi .. Greetings ^^ Thanks to Bak for the record!
  6. Hi TG Comunity! I Present today my new ft with RedGTx and Straim.. Hope You Like It! Lonely Nights ♫ Music: Prismo - In My Mind •Facebook: •Twitter: •YouTube: •Instagram: StraimMTA Straim social's for the Papus See you in your bed.
  7. Hello TG Community!Today I'd like to present you a new map by FataL, LaZZ & Boss called 'Reach The Swamp'. The map itself has a really nice, enjoyable track and also some really cool decorations, I hope you all liked it as much as I did. Good job boys! 1080p is advisedContact us via Skype if you want your map recorded:Chipy's skype: juan.videla314ShuX's skype: 2profgamersSincerely, UnseenRecords
  8. Hi guys! I returned this day to present my new map with ShockOne, I hope you like it and enjoy it! ^^ Beautiful Nature III
  9. HI COMUNITY! Today I decided to share my maps with you as it is the end of the year and everything old and done in this year remains .. So good Luck & Have Fun VOLUMENES [DM]LinK v1 - Coming Home: [DM]LinK v2 - Repeat Nature: [DM]LinK v3 - Special For My Friends: [DM]LinK v4 - Repeat Nature II: SOLOS O PROYECTS [DM]LinK - My Pain: [DM]LinK - BackWard Skills: [DM]LinK - For The Love Of Mg: [DM]LinK - For The Love Of Chipy: FEATS [DM]HeRo# ft. LinK - Tropical Island: [DM]MaRTiNTo ft. LinK - Friends For Nature: [DM]LinK ft. Turbo - Bad Skills: [DM]CristiaN ft. LinK - Tropical Paradise III: [DM]LinK ft. Skys - Simple: [DM]LixieN ft. Poison ft. LinK ft. WondeR ft. CG7 ft. GanzoA9 - Friends For Nature II: [DM]Nicolaas ft. LinK - Somewhere to Run: [DM]NexoN ft. CristiaN ft. LinK - NexCriLin Forest: [DM]Extra ft. LinK ft. LockZ - Our Simple Nature: [DM]XzT ft. LinK - Teminite II: [DM]LinK ft. Twin - Coming Home II: [DM]glubschie ft. LinK ft. XzT - Wake Me Up: [DM]SkraXx ft. LinK - Lazarus: [DM]Tx! ft LinK - Trophy: [DM]iNitreke ft. Memphis ft. LinK - Essential Nature: [DM]TheNicO ft LinK ft XzT - Injury Forest II: [DM]CristiaN ft. LinK ft. Derek - Rains Of Fire: [DM]Dioni ft. LinK - Fire Eternal: [DM]LinK ft. Javii ft. Sendy - Walk In The Forest: [DM]CopaS ft. R1KUZ ft. LinK - Forbidden Way: [DM]MaRTiNTo ft. LinK ft. Subrosa - Friends For Nature III: [DM]xTemp ft. LinK ft Zureth ft. Luigi - Golden Empire: [DM]F1DD! ft. LinK ft. Dioni - Always Nature: [DM]FiX ft. BenjaZ ft. NissaN ft. LinK - Candyland: [DM]CristiaN ft. Bak ft. LinK - Magical Paradise II: [DM]LiXuZ ft. RockZ ft. LinK ft. Rul3zZ ft. Dice - Nature Chronicles III: [DM]Chipy ft. KATGE ft. LinK - Loneliness Bright: [DM]CristiaN ft. Maxspeed ft. LinK - Building The Paradise: [DM]Deco ft. LinK ft. Derek - The Hills: [DM]xSecond ft. LinK ft. Jil - Cool Dreams: [DM]XrToR ft. LinK - Tropical Dreamer: [DM]LinK ft. Straim - I Gotta Leave This Place: WAITING [DM]Tx! ft. LinK ft. Maxspeed - Trophy II: [DM]Straim ft. LinK ft. MercY ft. VkkZ - A Thousand Years: WAITING [DM]SK ft. Memphis ft. LinK - Everlasting III: [DM]CristiaN ft. LinK ft. Straim - Times Like These: WAITING [DM]SlipknoT ft. Maxspeed ft. LinK - Different Nature IV: [DM]LinK ft. Javii ft. Sendy - Walk In The Forest II: [DM]XrToR ft. LinK ft. DiatroN - Tropical Dreamer II: [DM]iNitreke ft. QuartZ ft. Qwince ft. LinK - Cave Nature: HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!
  10. ❦ Different Nature IV ❦ Thanks to Straim for this awesome record!
  11. Hi guys I present my new ft with SK and Memphis Called Everlasting III, Hope you Like it! ^^ Thanks to PhyZe for this awesome record & edit!! Kind regards
  12. Hi guys back to mapping again, today I present a new ft with Straim is back! I hope you like it ^^ #PRAY4TARKAAN