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  1. TRiNiTY--iiReMix


    The problem isn't really clear since it could be a lot of things, try contacting paypal customer support
  2. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    TG 3.0 Beta??

    how does an alpha come after beta? also didnt they beta test onyx or what ever it was called?
  3. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    TG 3.0 Beta??

    @MisterQuestions will you pick new beta testers?
  4. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    Member Update | Capture the Flag Summer Cup Information

    admyn i em pro, plz join tege
  5. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    Audi R8 Hope Edition by DaXx

    collision box
  6. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    Audi R8 Hope Edition by DaXx

    Looks cool, but how are the cols?
  7. I can actually see TG getting back on its feet, hope to see what the future has in store for us :579dcfaf47a03_EmojiSmiley-106:

  8. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    [DM] Danx ft. CooL ft. WodeN - Oasis

    10/10 - IGN
  9. Just accept squonix already ffs

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PRODaN


      It was supposed to be a joke right?


    3. SquoniX


      I don't know what you are trying to say to be honest.

    4. shardex


      No it wasn't, he worths to be a TG member.

  10. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    Hotfix Update | TG 3.0 | Member Update

    Can't wait to go back and play after a long time, good job guys
  11. TRiNiTY--iiReMix


    the faq man, not cool (◕︵◕)
  12. TRiNiTY--iiReMix


    emphasize on that part xD also sqounix how many farewell posts have you made? :p
  13. I stole your bae.

    get rekt.

    1. ExTreMe14
    2. TRiNiTY--iiReMix
    3. GeroX


      kingmaster destroyed you, just know

  14. TRiNiTY--iiReMix

    Trick or treat?!

    Double hype