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  1. Wade

    More ideas for TG3.0

    you can buy 3.0
  2. Wade

    Clan War Bets

    TG - 13 SoR - 7
  3. Wade

    [DM] Simas Vol8 - Defenders

    nais mep , cool record
  4. infernus and lights bls? nice map btw
  5. Wade

    Rover - GTA V Machinima

    jackob 4 disney
  6. VoHVhHa.jpg @MightyAce @Mattox بتمرج؟

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Wade


      inshallah 3shnk member mesh m3by 3enk wla


    3. Mattox


      ما هذا البولشيت

    4. C4sp3R



  7. i guess we got no hope in making mighty fail his trial anymore jk gz everybody
  8. Wade

    The end

    good luck habibi (no-homo)
  9. Wade

    [DM] ScoreX ft. DLF ft. 1thwonder - Until Dawn

    looks like your new dog taught you some new editing skills
  10. can someone remove the ultrathing from this infernus? if yes ill send the infernus via skype
  11. Wade

    Clan War Bets

    i am gonna risk it : TG 14 - 6 6s
  12. Wade

    [DM] Tarkaan - BOOMBASTIC

    looks like @xNoMercy needs to make another video
  13. Wade

    [DM] SIISTi V3 - Blow II

    SIISTi ft Packy - Silent Civilizations
  14. Wade

    Oxy's introduction

    finally someone to kill in hunter , welcum