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  1. I personally hate this mapping style as many do eh ...., still you managed to make it at least better than some other guys, nice edit overall great job both of you.
  2. Did not actually expect you to reach that far lul, it is overall a great map for v1 but yeah decoration could be better a bit whatsoever, that doesn't influence that much, looking forward your upcoming works !
  3. Team Name: Xtreme diversionTeam Tag: xdSkype & name of the leader: Team leader skype ( AHMAD ) : ahmad-a-j - My skype ( Krazy ) : thevampire0011Team logo link: Team Players:1) AHMAD - Israel2) Krazy - Qatar3) HyDra - Tunisia4) NexT - Tunisia5) XerozZ - IsraelTeam Reserves (there should be at least one reserve):1) BMW - Slovakia2) Enkey - Russia
  4. Happy birthday brother, enjoy your day !

  5. Salahz0r

    [DM] Simas v9- Uta

    It is a decent map overall, but it could be better if you have decorated it :)
  6. TG 5 - 0 sG TG 13 - 7 St
  7. kkk how u wrote on date and time : 18:00 GMT +2, and on picture 17:00 GMT +2
  8. i am searching for a team too , my skype : thevampire0011 , Name in game : Krazy
  9. Pretty nice , Good luck in finding
  10. if someone fix the pictures here : 

     i will be thankful 

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    2. Kagan


      Nah he made it with  [/IMG]  , he just needs to insert the link and the picture will appear.

      What are you talking Antadorea :blink:

    3. Antadorea


      there was someting with imgproxy.

    4. Salahz0r


      i did it guys and it doesn't work ;c , any admin help me ?



  11. confused , now its clear