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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I finally glued my headsets cups back on! Unfortunately I have my ears glued to my headset now.

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      Help! my chin is glued to my desk.

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      call 911

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      I guess you got your head stuck in the ceiling fan next?

  3. A long time ago, before our time. There lived a civilization far more advanced than ours. Their era ended, and as so the era of man begun. This is a story of those beings that thrived on this planet long before us. The beings that lived on this planet were called the Unes. Unes were much like us. Their society was old and like an old design, often reliable for what it was built for. They were proud of their great advancements in sciences and for their ability to solve problems. Yet they were quick for war and only the fear of a self caused extinction kept them at bay. The Milky Way was thriving with life and galatical alliances were formed. The greatest of the alliances was the Great Symbiotic Alliance, GSA for short. They believed in finding answers to the mysteries of the universe and free trade of knowledge and resources. Many centuries the worlds part of the GSA lived in peace, with great advancements in all areas of sciences. With GSA's diplomatic power the galaxy was kept at peace. One day a new species was discovered in an unexplored part of the Milky Way. The GSA was quick to bargain a deal with them. The species found on this planet was the Une. GSA saw a great future for them and gave them progressively more access to their databases. A small council, formed of five members that represented the five leading species in the GSA was assigned to guide the new species in a pace that was fitting for them. as the GSA gave Unes more power in the form of knowledge their leaders lust for more power became greater. Quickly GSA learned the true nature of Unes and tried to slow down their advancement. Unes did not take this well and tried to argue about it, but as it did not work they saw fit to use force. The council was able to counter the Unes by their superior technology. The GSA was not a fit for every species. The Xarth, a great species that believed in violence and war was the enemy of the GSA. The Xarths were destroyed in a great war against the GSA that ravaged the Milky Way for hundreds of years. Unknown to the GSA there were still a few Xarths left devoted to destroying the GSA. Quickly after GSA denied all access to further information from Unes the Xarths came in contact with them. They gave them all access to information in a deal to end the evil GSA that has ravaged the galaxy for far too long. This was the beginning of a new dark era that caused great pain for the galaxy. The dark alliance between the Xarths and the Unes was formed, with only one goal: To annihilate all partners of the Great Symbiotic Alliance.
  4. Looks pretty average to me. Step up your game on decorations.
  5. Actually I don't need to http://432hunabku.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page This is especially interesting: If r is 23038, and represents the length of the pyramid's side, then in meters it is 230.38. Then it matches up with being the approximate length of the sides of the great pyramid. If r is 23038 cm, then it is the diameter of the inner circle. If i is the circumference then, i is 72376.0115534 cm Using Pythagorean theorem, we can use r to find the hypotenuse length (corner to corner of the pyramid) which will give us the diameter of the larger circle. This is 32580.65205. As with the smaller, circle, we will use this to find the circumference of the larger. If e is the circumference, then e is 102355.137129 cm. Subtract i from e and you get 29979.1255759. The speed of light is ~2997924568 m/s. Hinting egyptians knew the speed of light to be 299 790 000 m/s- With value of 230380923.884 (1/10mm) we get the exact known speed of light 299 792 458 m/s
  6. Vishal gone deep http://imgur.com/sj9mOAz

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      haha "you are in some deep shit"

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  8. YOUR IN-GAME NAME: BonBomYOUR COUNTRY: FinlandWHAT ARE YOUR AVERAGE FPS AND PING: 60, 51.DATES OF ABSENCE: everyday but crismas tourmanent
  9. A train arrives. I walk inside. I see blurred faces. Distant entities, purely irrelevant. Meaningless. They are bothering me, they look at me, I see nothing. They probably think I'm crazy. Why do I care? I can't make sense. I wonder what would happen if all these people were just erased. As so simply as you remove a file on a computer. Would that file come relevant to me? Maybe other files need it, but it won't reflect to me if I don't interact with the affected files. I wonder if we can apply this philosophy to other things. Can't continue, my stop. it's snowing outside. Feels quite nice. The sensation of your bones shaking from the cold that surrounds you. I think it's a symptom of hypothermia, don't care. I walk down the road feeling shackled to my life. I see a girl crying in the snow. I walk infront of her, she keeps crying. I kneel infront of her. She gives me an angered look and asks "Why are you there?". I laugh at her "Since you made me relevant to your existance by crying for help. What is your name?". She gets up, kicks me in my left knee and yells "None of your business whackjob". To be honest I quite like her after that, yet I don't feel like she is worth the trouble. I start to walk away without saying a word. I hear nothing, I sense nothing, yet after a moment I feel a blade on my throat and a sweet lick at my ear. She giggles "Gonna leave a girl crying in snow? Not even gonna try to fu*k me like half the men I rob? Pathetic. Now give me your money before I end your miserable life". I close my eyes, feel an euphoric rush in my body,a wide grin on my face, I try to capture this sweet precious moment. That's my kinda girl I think to myself.
  10. Falling down an endless pit. Walls painted with memories, faces whispering to me. Crushing impacts to my sense of reality. Honestly, isn’t reality in essence a subjective concept to perceive what is right and wrong from a standardized point of view? What if we scrapped that perspective, opening doors to unprecedented amount of realities, with boundaries defined by our will? Discovering yourself has always been a hard task, yet for some us an impossible one from a shared perspective. The universe is bound by entanglement, defined by in pairs. Spinning in a direction always requires another to spin in the opposite direction. It is all about balance, in everything. The loop must go on, but as it goes on there is always another side to the infinite loop, balancing it. The pit goes on, with most watching from the sidelines, while a few who know how to bend the laws of the pit can take advantage of it. Is it not so that the loops inside the pit are for us to forget our responsibility, to ignore the past, the future. Yet those who are floating in the pit can perceive it as it truly is. Leaving reality as we perceive it is fundamental to our future. We don’t understand it, we are mesmerized by it. As I fall down the pit I can sense the coldness of the future, as by the tree was cut from its roots, a cold winter tree, yet so beautiful. Burning the logs of the past for something to remind us of the warmth that we had before. Yet not understanding what the cold means. We don’t need a fire to survive in the forest. A man walks on a swamp, thinking he is invincible, yet the one in the swamp can perceive the other as wrong, as how we do today. It is nothing but an illusion of false reality, of a fixed reality that we crave to uphold. Entanglement is the key, yet there is no door to open it with. That is the task we have been left, yet none perceive it how it truly is. To the sea we must travel, not to escape, but to learn. We are meaningless by the eyes who see, yet we can become as few have. We can learn to see and as we see, we are no longer invisible to the grand scale of what truly is. As we are blind we can't be seen.
  11. Hello my friends! As you may all know me by the name BonBom, I would like to introduce who I truly am. My name is Mikko Vesakoski and I am 23 years old. I am a finnish chemist from the university of Helsinki where I am working on my PHD. What you don't know about me is that i am a worker for the biggest drug manufacturer and bulk seller in scandinavia. Why am I writing this? My business partner Jari Aarnio, head of Helsinkis police departments drug enforcement agency, has informed me of the evidence that led to his arrest has ties to me and will lead directly to my arrest if found. Call this whatever you want, I would like to think this as my last will and/or testimony. How it all started? When I was still studying chemistry in college I started researching organic chemistry. I came across a guide on how to make LSD, I was instantaneously hooked. After selling my computer and all my electronics of value I invested in an advanced set of equipment and chemicals, which of some illegally from Russia which I smuggled during a summer trip there with my friend who has both Finnish and Russian passport. I was ready to finally make LSD. After making a few batches of LSD and taking a few moderate doses of it myself I decided to sell it. I posted an advertisement on a tor based forum called thorlauta about selling LSD and I immediately got replies, and one about selling in bulk. My hands were shaky, I was tipsy from the whiskey I had taken to cool myself, though it merely made me fuzzy and delusional. It was a cool summer evening in Kallio, the notorious part of Helsinki, the HQ of everything illegal in Helsinki, and I mean everything! Whores, drugs, bodyguards, loansharks, even a few thugs you could hire to beat somebody. As I browsed 9gag to cool my nerves off this man walked to me. He had a low voice and he wore a black leather jacket with sunglasses. He asked me if I was Bonclay, I answered yes. He grabbed me by my arm, pulled me to the road and a black car pulled in front of us. He threw me inside. My heart was racing Usain Bolt in my throat, my shirt was covered in sweat, like a drunk rescued from a river. The next thing I remember was passing out. "Wakey, wakey sunshine!" Was the sound I woke up to, the mysterious man with sunglasses smiling to my face. He told me to calm down, which I obviously did not, and introduced himself as Arsku. Arsku later turned out to be Aarnio, but how should I have known it back then. He told me that while I was out he had taken the LSD from my bag and let his thug test it out, the reaction seemed to be good. He told me the terms, gave me a bag of money, a phone and told me to answer it, no matter what. Few days later on the news was a shocking story about a high ranking drug cop Aarnio being arrested for illegal drug trade. This is where I got to know who he truly was. I was obviously terrified! I was certain that I will spend the last days of my life in a government prison, deemed too dangerous for society. Present. As I spend my last days of freedom, with a bottle of jack daniels no. 7, I can only think of how I threw my life away. I am viewing a suicide as an option, it would probably take all my troubles away. Lead me to a paradise where all my wishes and lusts are granted. Only if I could build up the courage required to do such a liberating act! Goodbye Twisted Gamers, it was a run! Only if just a few of you were twisted as I am.