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  1. lmao. Congratulations Diablo, you were waiting for this for a really long time.
  2. Adiós Frankzito, cuidate mucho.
  3. Clearly a tribute to Path of Titans haha. Impressive map, amazing record as always Vish. Keep improving!
  4. Sunset

    News 17.04.16

    Wow, nice video. Congratulations to the brand new trials, specially Emi & Evo.
  5. Munkey :( Have fun in Las Vegas as always!
  6. Congrats gents, already looking forward to see who's next though.
  7. Hey there people, long time no see. I'm gonna be as straight as possible since It's not the first time I'm writing an introduction to let you know that I'm playing MTA once again as I used to do before. Glad to see many old faces still around; most of you already know me so, for those who don't, My IGN is Sunset (IRL Manuel), I live in Uruguay and I have been playing this game for some years and stuff. Well, that's all I guess. See you in-game.
  8. Enjoyed a lot while watching the video, you beasted with this map Brian, nice and smooth. Keep it up doe.
  9. So glad for you both, Zurio and TeeHee guys. Gonna start playing MTA more often as I used to.
  10. Happy birthday TG! It's nice to know this team has already been here for 4 years, the same time as I do. Even when I'm not being that active here as I used to, just came to give you my blessings and support. btw, the new clan structure seems pretty cool, wisely done. Peace out.
  11. Congratulations guys, some of you deserved this for a long while. Lemon still can't speak english properly hu3hu3
  12. Sunset

    New trials!

    Great choices, best trials you could take this time, i'm glad to see them as TG trials. Gratz all of you, greetings.
  13. This time, my eyes forced me to support this project, it's a great garage and way better than the actual one. Good luck, i'll be really glad to see this garage on Teehee.