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  1. Download link:[DM]
  2. Miramar * Kudos to Gerc for this amazing video.
  3. Hey fellas, the title says it all so I will make it really short. Time has come to the end so with this I mean that I am leaving TG and MTA in general. I had really an enjoyable and unforgettable time here in TG community but real life is first, I am a medical student who needs all the day to study and prepare otherwise I fail. I have been already inactive for more than a half of year and I just noticed that I am useless and other players deserve my place. I will be visiting the forum once and a while and I really wish you a good luck with TG3.0. I want to thank TG for accepting me as a clan-member and giving me the ability to be one of their family and I'd like to thank TG members for the impressive 3 years we had together. Over and out, peace!
  4. NitroN, sorry but you are nothing special anymore.
  5. Why are you leaving Wayzee?
  6. Hey, nice to meet you Gugas.
  7. AnUs

    News 17.04.16

    Great choices man. congratulations guys and good luck with your trial period! Do NOT disappoint us.
  8. Happy Birthday Anus :) :wub:

    1. Kagan


      Happy birthday :)

    2. Xizen


      Happy birthday! anuss fdp :laugh:

    3. AnUs


      Thank you guys!

  9. I am so proud of you, sons! Well played and congratulations.