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  1. Slimee

    [DM] SK Ft. XrToR - Mighty

    - Mighty - Hello everyone , it is been a while since i released my lastest map , so now i'm back in business with a featuring along with XrToR , we created this for bring you a smooth and pretty good decorations. "MIGHTY" is coming on for those players who likes the mapmakers in Desert style.
  2. Slimee

    Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Gz to cumbiero , metele cumbia a este clan , culero de mierda :v
  3. Nice nice vishi ;) Also the map
  4. Slimee

    [DM] Slime-Vol1-Rudimental Rhythm

    you wot? then , if you can do it better , then do it , aaaa wait , u haven't recorded any map , any video.... btw respect the other comments
  5. Monster - Skillet ! The beast is ugly :P

  6. Slimee


    A bit late but , for you too
  7. Slimee

    Shooter Room Idea

    Good idea
  8. Slimee


    Well , i think , they shouldn't
  9. Slimee

    Share your MTA montages here

    i have no stunt videos :c
  10. Slimee

    [DM] Slime-Vol1-Rudimental Rhythm

    Thanks vishi for this awesome video ! and thanks for your positive vibrations :D
  11. Slimee

    [POLL] DaXx's next infernus series

    Nice to see this topc's style
  12. Slimee

    Twisted Gamers 5 year anniversary!

    Happy birthday TG I hope stay alive for more
  13. Slimee

    [DM] norbi ft. ? - Empathy II

    yes xd , i didn't see the comment from norbi , sorry for my mistake
  14. Slimee

    [DM] norbi ft. ? - Empathy II

    Ft. Slime ? My skype : deucecarm