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  1. I hope this improves map testing, I am sick of seeing all the crappy maps on the server, and when I ask why I get the answer "It's for training".
  2. axel+

    Clans update

    I think he was being sarcastic.
  3. Congratz fruit and onair. I am proud of you, nolifer(krlos)
  4. Collision basically means you can walk over the object without going through it but above it.
  5. axel+

    Clans? Clans!

    Cool, will people be able to do "clan pvp wars" in the future?
  6. Finished building my first pc yesterday:

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    2. Slimmy
    3. axel+



      cpu: i5 4670k

      ram: 8 gb ddr3 ram (4x2)

      gpu: Intergrated atm, plan to buy amd 290

    4. Sora
  7. axel+


    Didn't even realize it's been that long, time really flies.
  8. Looks great, curious to test it out now.
  9. Well..If you're bored...

    1. 3ventic


      Developers already get notified when there's a new issue.

    2. AnUs


      20 Oct Delete AnUs

      the last time i played shooter there were some guys telling their friends to type "fps_limit10" it makes their fps so low which means impossible to kill them. Actually they were winning every shooter map!!

  10. Only in Battlefield 4:

  11. Congratz my canadian and american wiggers.

  12. I used to tell people "Good luck" on their JR's, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    1. On-Air


      I took an arrow to the foot

    2. 3ventic


      arrow in* the knee