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  1. Canky

    The grand opening

    Finally, I'm actually looking forward what MQ created, I know he is a good developer. Hopefully this will bring old people back together. Congratulations on DaN, in wish of no more delays. Good Luck
  2. I like this... just because of Galatasaray
  3. Canky

    TG 3.0 Beta??

    So there was a beta testing.. what about it now? will there be another testing soon?
  4. congratulations.. @Surflexy??
  5. Canky

    DS|ArSaL is Back to TG

    What happened to DJ
  6. Passed the hardest class I've ever had so far :tongue::tongue:

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    2. Mousy


      Glad to hear that, goodjob and congratulations!

      What do you study btw?

    3. Canky


      Machine and Cars engineering

    4. Antadorea


      porn star ofc


  7. Your in-game nickname: Canky' Your country: Austria Time & days when you might be mostly active: Almost everyday, evening Are you part of some team in the tournament (YES/NO): Yes
  8. Canky

    Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    The promoted members have been chosen wisely, Good Luck on your work. when new trials? plztynpggwp
  9. Canky


    Bye ty
  10. *me 


    1. HRD


      Oh you see too anomaly :D

  11. Canky


    ingame = /nick (yournickname) forums is not possible i think, only for donators and TG Members
  12. Going to finish the decoration of my latest CTF Map created with Dubstep

    Hope to finish it soon

  13. Canky

    The Truth

    No way you will change, youre someone whos 12 years old posting pictures of yourself while smoking showing people these pictures to people you have never seen. You even reported TG to MTA admins during the conflict with another Community and now you're telling that you've changed and you're expecting TG to forgive you. People don't change until they get smart enough to realize that they got to change. you're too young. Come back when you become a better person.
  14. Canky

    NoMercY From DDC

    you remind me of someone, Welcome
  15. Canky

    Nao ft. Gematria - Palms and Buildings

    saw a shortcut, overall its okay i guess
  16. Canky

    Clan War Bets

    TG 17 - 3 mP
  17. Canky

    Expose yourself.

    who said im a guy
  18. Canky

    Suggestion for the DM mapshop

    I'd prefer a daily buy limit, every player can buy 5 maps max, each day
  19. Hollyshit, nice forum update

  20. Adam alone in TG, launching 3.0 on his own gg wp

    1. GeroX


      or you know.. other developers may be.. busy.. with school.. with gf.. or.. with things..

      or helping us while being off in-game..

      just a thought..

      only a thought..


    2. MisterQuestions
    3. Canky


      @GeroX you alright? none was complaining chill xddd

  21. Canky

    Clan War Bets

    16-4 for de TG
  22. @SquoniX?, april fools was long last month ure a little bit late. jk, congratz everyone