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  1. jade125

    I'm back !!

  2. jade125

    I'm back !!

    Thank you!!
  3. jade125

    I'm back !!

    Most of you would think who's this !! Iam Show aka xSh0w i played here maybe 2 years ago i played 3 years on TG server untill i left the game i was busy with school but now im back hopefully i will get a great time with u guys this is a little text of my intro!! I will see you guys in-game!!
  4. Sexy trials

  5. Good job dude looks very cool to me keep going
  6. jade125

    Member update, Team war

  7. jade125

    CTF Summer Cup: Summary, Finale

    Mmkay Good job
  8. jade125


    Hello gentleman iam back from my vacation so you will see me in-game:)
  9. Haha no i dindt but it seems cool
  10. Hey iam going on my holidays to Belgium : Ardennen here we come belgium hope you guys have good holidays to, i will play here tonight on TG and then next day i go to Belgium i'd maked this topic to let you guys know that i will be inactive and that you will know that i will be gone for 2 weeks bye people