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  1. TonyxO

    The end

    A piece of MTA history goes away, it was truly an honor to be in this clan, probably the best time of my MTA career. Thank you ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)
  2. Here's one of my latest feat with MoX (track) and Chipy (decos). I want to thank Chipy for continuing the decorations started by Vishal and ReaZzon (spawn only) that for some reasons have decided to create another map with the same style of decorations (something that made me so furious and for that I decided to keep this style of decorations against their will, but I apologize in any case). I also want to thank UnseenRecords for the record.
  3. TonyxO

    A new year

    Great, keep it up!
  4. Hello guys, I decided to give you a gift because of your requests but also because the map has been very successful. So here is my gift for the Epiphany and have fun! ATTENTION The map size is about 18 MB (if you want to use custom objects that you will find in the map, I ask you to put credits not because we created them, only the infernus is created by me, but because we spent a lot of time to find them and create the script, thanks!) If you would like to contribute a donation for the time and the strength we have used in creating this masterpiece, we would be pleased. Donate and Download
  5. This is just a trailer of an epic map that i'm making with my 2 friends. For this map we are using more than 30 mods! I want to remember that this map is subject to change and therefore will not be the final version. The map video will be released on 25/12/2016. You want to record your map? Contact me on Skype: tonyccx1000 SUBSCRIBE
  6. [DM] Antadorea Vol.1 - Foreign Beggar You want to record your map? Contact me on Skype: tonyccx1000 SUBSCRIBE
  7. Back to recording maps, subscribe