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  1. Its 2021 Gentlemen ... and its Subaru WRX Concept car, this concept car been in my mind for quite some time and here I'm sharing it with you guys today hope you like it. 3D Viewer : Download link + in-game pics: if you got any issue with the mod hit me up on Discord would be happy to know/help. Discord: BLURAY 71#1784 Regards BLUERAY;
  2. it has been a beautiful 5 playing MTA, some of you don't know me, and it's too late to introduce myself to you all, I just wanna say that I improved a lot of things since I start editing/creating mods in MTA and more things, I just do like to thank each one of you guys for this quite good experience, and I'm thankful for all the feedback for all my work(mods) thank you. regards.
  3. Update: now you can download it from GameModding website hope you like it ^^ have a nice day
  4. First of all it's an old mod that I didn't like it at all, but after sharing photo with ENB some people liked it, and I only create these things for fun, I'm having fun with making these mods, I wasn't going to share it at all, but some request it, btw I see you attracting my mods... lol @Impzy ;) have a nice day ..
  5. thanks fellas for your feedback ^^
  6. Hello Everybody, I'd like to present you my new Infernus, so I know a lot of you guys are going to say "nothing new" but the reason I'm sharing this mod is because the modding forum has almost died, so I tried to keep it little bit alive, in addition to that I was bored and I don't play MTA so much, so I tried to make an Infernus in my free time and keep it simple as much as I can, here is it: MORE PICTURES And here is a video 1-min long: If you want the Infernus please contact me on skype: Amer.Max2 or you can just download it from > GameModding Website < Best Regards BlueRay'
  7. Hello fellas ; so as some of you know I've created my last mod and share it , so I was think about share other mods before I leave ; so I'm here to day to share with you guys special mods that created for guys that request for me that , there they are hope you like them MY Private MODS : 1st : Infernus V.10S 2nd : Mix of V9,V10 MOD Created for Reflex : edited from the inside too , but no pictures at the moment , will be added later MOD Created for Troy : 1st YouTube vid : 2nd YouTube vid : photos will be uploaded later ... DOWNLOAD LINK Best Regards, BlueRay
  8. well , its last thing that i'll create ,i have to say i got nothin in mind... but this what i got at thins moment ,and thanks G !
  9. HELLO Fellas !; its been along time ,so I'm here to present you my V11 Infernus which is my last mod that will be created ,and yea hope you like it guys pictures: with my Edited ENB: Download link :!kRg0wKxb!mihfaNS0xPb43kgrYbNfvLhVedq3CsNUp-bWZHGAkg4 so yeah wish you all the best and hope you guys enjoy it , maybe I'll catch you later guys CYA ! Best regards ,BlueRay
  10. blocked ... anyways i fix it , uploaded form mega
  11. Fast in sharing , any ways download link fixed !
  12. DOWNLOAD LINK added ! , any bugs send me PM or Skype: Amer.max2 , enjoy it have a nice day
  13. i only Published elegy without spoiler [Mini Spoiler] , other versions will be shared later ... or contact me on Skype : Amer.Max2 Btw the front from Dodge SRT ;) , thanks again...