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  1. It's been a month and I am glad that you guys are back! I hope you guys will complete the server soon and Good Luck!
  2. xT4ngY

    MTA not working

    You can try re-install MTA and if it doesn't work, try to reinstall your GTA:SA. It may have some problem with the file. I've had this problem 2 years ago and it worked perfectly fine
  3. Raziax said this: 

    HeXnG^.eXe-Today at 10:57 PM

    tangy (totally he's faking it and I didn't even send him the messages) said one day i wlll &%*$ Catherine with Dire is face
  4. Hey there and bye Credits Infernus: M1cra V3 with Nitroshi Wheels Lights: LED Light BMW M5 by NitroN (Blue Version) Song: Will be added

  6. xT4ngY

    [DM] SaR v1 Dream

    I like the track, but, there's too many rooflite. I recommend not to put too many rooflite if you have any creative idea about it.
  7. xT4ngY

    [DM]eCco ft. ANER0 - Majestic Travel

    I just wanna say that if your PC can't handle such things as recording a game, just don't do it or else, you're PC will reach the limit of it's energy.
  8. xT4ngY

    The grand opening

    Congratulations to @PRODaN and yeah, after a years of waiting 3.0 will be officially release. Just wait for 7 days guys!
  9. xT4ngY

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    never dogzone lez go beach
  10. xT4ngY

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    what bout the buggiest map called immortal player? tu meme
  11. xT4ngY

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    what about nerves of steel? chalenge nibber
  12. omo veteran player is back o.o

  13. xT4ngY

    Another recorder? FFS...

    Oh my god, the edits. Teach me masterino