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  1. ZeldaK

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    AnarchY º Trial Kicked 27.03.2018 hhhh
  2. ZeldaK

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    OT: good luck even tho its 2 late now.
  3. ZeldaK

    Expose yourself.

  4. Godsent sux bro

  5. ZeldaK

    Happy Eid al-Fitr

    Eid Mubarak
  6. ZeldaK

    The new Infernus Era!

    Well designed.
  7. Your in-game nickname: ZeldaK) Your country: Israel Time & days when you might be mostly active: Anyday, anytime. Are you part of some team in the tournament (YES/NO): I dunno for sure. Prolly @SquoniX's team. But mostly NO.
  8. 5 years of TG.. can't fkn believe how much time that is.. how time flies!!

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    2. Heibara


      It will be 5 years in Sep 13 tbh

    3. ZeldaK


      i registered 4 months later. i started coming on regularly in may.

    4. Mazda
  9. ZeldaK

    Infrastructure Changes | Member Update

    Nice updates. Keep em' comin.
  10. ZeldaK

    Ingame related pictures

    @Dubst3p m3ly al reso 3l 2a5r 3shan to5d ss kkkkkkkkk i c wot ya done didly do dere bro
  11. ZeldaK

    Best CTF Players

    tobster erudos fox there are more i dunno of.
  12. ha.. says you. yre lucky we hit it off. jst appreciate the valuable content, loafers.. hope yall comps get compromised.....