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  1. Yo! YukihiraTV (Formerly CastiellRecords) I'd like to introduce an awesome map that I had a very tiny part in but still love it none-the-less, it has more of an old school speed map vibe, Enjoy ! 1440P60FPS is Recommended! VIDEO: SONG: Krewella - Alibi (Far Out Remix) Infernus: Micra v5 + Nitroshi Wheels edited by Yukihira TG and FFS Logos by NitroN
  2. Here's my v4 Recorded by Relax, Enjoy !
  3. Thanks to ElCrow for the spectacular video!
  4. Well sadly I have chosen Relax yesterday as we have spoken earlier, thanks for the interest tho @MavericK @Cathrine Like I said, it's Rectool xd, I just used it to set the color of the Nos, Rectool is a script for recording, it helps set car color and all that stuff..
  5. Thanks!, as for the effect which one are you referring to ? and for the Nos, I'm not using a mod, I'm using the Rectool to set the nos color to black.
  6. Hi, I was considering whether I should finish this map and a friend of mine told me that no effort is worthless so I remodeled some parts and fixed a few things here and there, I also added more track and some deco so here it is. PS. The video was supposed to be in 4K60FPS but good guy YouTube's been processing it for the past 12+ hours so I got bored and decided to post it, usually it doesn't take this long... Besides if it was a full map I would have waited. Recommended Quality: Whatever is the highest right now lol VIDEO: SONG: Vicetone - I Hear You INFERNUS: Micra v5 with Nitroshi Wheels Edited by Castiell If you wanna finish it leave a message here or add me on Skype at Castiell.philip I also record maps so feel free to contact me. Regards, Cas
  7. [DM]Castiell v3 - Ultra Cosmo Do you give me a download link ?

    1. macho9180


      War Robots hack provide you with all the advanced things that you need without spending a single penny. With this you can do good in the game. The popularity of the war robots is increasing day by day. 

  8. Hey Vsauce, Michael here! How's it going folks ? It's been a while since I released any maps or even recorded any for that matter but I'm here today to introduce my 3rd solo map called Ultra Cosmo, I apologize for the mediocre video, I made it in a hurry and besides I haven't done editing in a long time, so my apologies in advance, I hope you enjoy the map! - CastiellRecords - - Ultra Cosmo - 1080p60 Is Highly Advised VIDEO: Songs: 1. Kill The Noise & Illenium - Don’t Give Up On Me ft. Mako 2. Feint - Outbreak (feat. MYLK) (Also in-game song) Infernus: - Shuvit ft. Nismo - Infernus One PS. If you want the map you can just message me, I have no problem sharing it
  9. Welcome Gugas!, Enjoy your stay !
  10. This is a very sad story DaXx, and I probably know how you feel desiring acceptance cause that's what I have been striving for in my own real life, fun fact: I'm actually a very rage susceptible person alright ? but I have taught myself to stay calm no matter what happens, being angry is a horrible feeling that i learned to suppress no matter what and you should do so too, it's not that people hate you and I personally do not, there is a simple harsh truth to all of it, sometimes you act childish, this doesn't really take away from your usefulness but it adds to your reputation as a person so I would recommend that you take my words with a grain of salt, but if you're seriously hoping to improve then you have to understand that people can piss you off sometimes but you have to be the better person, I'm sorry I went full on Keemstar, DramaAlert over here but yeah just saying, hope you keep doing what you're doing and keep getting better at it and become the better person I think you can be. ))
  11. Congratulations to all the new blood, welcome to the team!.
  12. Welcome m8!, have a good one here and I hope you stay )).
  13. Well yes and no, first of all my native resolution is 1080p but I used VSR so that my GPU renders the game in 1440p and then the recorder captures that in 1440p, and about the second statement, that would be true if I had my old render settings, with my current render settings my video quality decreases by almost 40 - 50 % after uploading it on to YouTube, It sucks I know but i'm working on it, I have done it before and I'm sure I can figure it out again, but this time adding the 1440p element will make it even better hopefully.
  14. Actually It didn't really take longer and yes if you don't have a 1440p screen you might not be able to see the difference, I'm not uploading in 1440p because it's 1440p, I upload and render in that resolution because YouTube processing allows the video to have a higher bit-rate the higher the resolution so it's only a way to actually indirectly improve my 1080p quality and well I don't know if it worked but I'm sure I can get a better quality somehow, I don't exactly remember the render settings I had before which made my videos look even better than this, I just wish i did remember.