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  1. I apologize for the technical issues we had during first tournament matches. Please keep in mind we still are in an alpha stage, but thing is it still turned out good! Thanks for being patient and tuning in!

  2. As you know, our server was compromised last Saturday by some undesirable individuals. Now, simple reason why we were unable to bring it back online until earlier today is because we had to find our way out to a banlist recover. This being said, and evildoers being added to that list, lets go with what really matters. Some may know these series from other communities, a big shout out to them, and so we thought of making our own episode. Note listed individuals are the ones directly involved, and thus does not mean they are the only responsible, as, more precisely, they are a group. Now, as every robbery and any criminal action overall, they needed an entry point and a way not to leave any trace. Most of you may have heard of Stranger, either because of his repeated attempts of spreading his 'truth' or because he has lately exaggeratedly been worried about who we finally pointed out as guilty. He was not wrong though, being worried, as he now is found out as the one providing previously mentioned entry point. He was given access to our website files, during his period as developer, and so he had access to sensitive data stored there, which contained an user with full permissions used as a hook between our portal and our server. Indeed, you may say, not having changed that data is our fault, but having a considerable amount of developers knowing of it makes this entire situation a bit harder for us to handle - we though are working on avoiding this happening ever again. Keeping the storyline, once he was able to log in using previously mentioned account, both Wade and MightyAce followed him, first logged in using an account Stranger had given rights to earlier - after accidentally failing to log into his personal account -, and second logged into his own account and was then given rights. Concluding this marvelous story, second was the one responsible of banning and kicking players online at that moment. We also are studying and considering on taking legal actions against them. For those interested, clear proof can be found here. Clarifying this too, they tricked the server in order to avoid regular logs from being saved and thus trying not to leave any trace, lame. Previous bans were also removed, which is why we took long as stated above. On the other hand and as a reminder, our capture the flag tournament begins today! Keep an eye on its fixtures and make sure you are on time! Information containing server details will be sent to each team's leader time before match's start.
  3. Our server is back online, finally. As a reminder, an update on what has happened is coming out soon.

    1. Mazda


      Thanks for your hard work, Adam.

    2. SquoniX


      Today is going to be an interesting day for sure.

  4. Our server will be back online later tonight. Information on yesterday's attack containing who was behind and how it exactly was executed coming tomorrow, knock knock dear evildoers.

  5. We still are investigating who is/are behind what happened earlier today in our server with malicious individual(s) having admin rights and taking actions against our users. We are getting closer to concluding and are looking forward to have our services back running normally tomorrow. Also, as a message to the responsible of this, you claiming our security us null or lame whilst using part of the access we have given our former members against us is as stupid as the measures you have taken trying not to leave any trace. Also, this was a mta-only attack, which does mean our users' accounts are in no way compromised. More updates coming tomorrow.

  6. Donator status not being delivered issue should now be solved. If there still is any issue contact us.

    1. Canky


      I didn't get my donator status fron OS Tournament yet #3rdPlace

    2. ChroniK


      You have to wait till Onyx comes out.


  7. Many may have seen this from Unix's previous post, which also contained a reply from my side, and so I feel like clarifying this, again. He had access to a release version of onyx, reason why will be explained next and did not have latest updates and thus was outdated. Now, you had full access to TG and all its services, and so removing your access entirely is a bit of an issue, and in this case still had a backup service running - which then grabbed our code. I am saying this so people understand what exactly happened and also hoping not to see you using any way of access you may still have and notify us instead, although we are working on removing them.

    Keeping this short, I also stated the following. You all believed in us in the past, which clearly includes development progress and information going around being nearly null, roughly and as an example. Reason why I see no reason why you would not give us another chance to go, in spite of anger caused, again, by past. Now, most of you have been arguing hypocritically, mostly, and giving no solution at all rather than just throwing us to doom. Wondering myself if you then really wanted us to keep going and thus were supportive after all.

    Now, many may say criticizing is a good thing, and it is till a certain point, but problem comes when all you do is bringing up same points over and over. Anyhow, I am asking you to believe me we are putting a lot of effort, again, and there is no reason to keep this going.. I really am tired of this situation, and I do hope I am not the only one here willing not to see us finally fail.

  8. One thing I forgot to mention on my upper reply is, most of you seem to be confused or yet did not understand what is going on so far and it really saddens me seeing you listening to what others do say instead of rather leaving a question on last announcement. Would be great if you read my previous reply too, @Ramsy.
  9. I have said this too many times, but hell I am telling you again. People that were working on previous update no longer are here and so they are not managing how development goes anymore - whose, just as you said, progress was null. Now, about tracker that shows us, the players, update information, I mentioned something similar on last announcement? I just this way see you did not bother reading the topic entirely, I guess? And thus proving you, including anyone else critizising out there, argue from an hypocrite side. Besides, Tommeh may indeed be busy but hey, that is a reason why we do have other people managing instead. I do understand you being pissed but hey, I guess we now are doing our best when it comes to, well, development. You are going to play the upcoming tourney on our new update's system (onyx) and so are going to have development blogs, again.
  10. setVehicleDamageProof setVehicleDoorsUndamageable
  11. Frustration, desperation and a touch of disappointment. Feelings that have been with us quite a long period now, sadly. Feelings perhaps caused by us not squeezing ourselves enough, repeatedly failing to deadlines or simply because you, our lustrous community, were poorly, if not barely, informed through the entire situation. Now, main reasons why we decided to zap what our update had come to after time are working on a new system and thus having current developers knowing how it works exactly, and thereby speed progress up, and altogether leaving an era of decay. Going straightforwardly from now on, there indeed is a considerably lengthy development path to go, but I presumably am announcing nearly half is passed. Being technical, our internal system permits an easy game mode addition (which does affect the required time positively), relies on client-server communication the least possible (gladly reducing lag) and as an innovatiory feature, trully identical map files are downloaded once - meaning if two maps contain the exact same texture, despite having different names, only a single file is saved (gladly, again, reducing required disk space). Besides, current modes built on top include primary race-based ones and capture the flag. We also are, though, working on astounding fresh ideas, which I ruefully am keeping for now. Aside, complementary features (login, user panel, etc.) are being worked on too. Regarding our capture the flag tournament, it is going to be held under this previously described new system. Meaning we will let you guys see what it looks like forehand and moreover do an exhaustive testing. Concluding, we not quite a long time ago had an internal vote where our members could give their opinion on whether they wanted development blogs. Majority agreed with having them but there was a tie on visibility, public or private and thus only visible internally - and so I am now asking you to give yours! And as a final note. I ask you to please comprehend we truly are doing our best in order to deliver what progressively was vanishing. That is all from our side, thanks for your continuous support and comprehension over years.
  12. Your browser does not support sadness.
  13. hi..

    i want to ask you about this script, its changes the spawns to the id which i put in this script, 

    its work on my local server and another servers but here doesn't work, i don't know why.

    My script:

    vehicles = {415}
    function changeVehicle (state)
    if state == "Running" then
    setTimer (function ()
    local players = getAlivePlayers ()
    for playerKey, playerValue in ipairs(players) do
    setElementModel (getPedOccupiedVehicle(playerValue), vehicles[math.random(#vehicles)])
    end, 10, 1)
    addEvent("onRaceStateChanging", true)
    addEventHandler ("onRaceStateChanging", getRootElement (), changeVehicle)
    function changePlayersVeh ()
    setElementModel (getPedOccupiedVehicle(source), vehicles[math.random(#vehicles)])
    addEvent("changeVeh", true)
    addEventHandler("changeVeh", getRootElement(), changePlayersVeh)
    Can it work on TG?
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      @C4sp3R Upload the script to This is unreadable.

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      How is it that nobody ever uses code blocks? not the IDE :dry:


      PS: Javascript highlighting works great with Lua, I checked.