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  1. NoNameZ

    [DM]uRage v1 - The Reborn

  2. hhhh daxx

    1. Xizen



  3. NoNameZ

    Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Well done @Mazda, congrats! me little pizzaKappa
  4. NoNameZ

    [DM] SymoN v12 - Temple Of God

    3:15 rip Great record as always tho. GJ
  5. NoNameZ

    Take a hint... and responsibility for once

    Eyy, another useless topic.
  6. NoNameZ

    [DM]Cheslav ft. ? - ?

    Awesome maps so far :p Keep it up
  7. Every story has an end, eitherway it's a good or a bad one. I've been thinking a lot about this decision recently and I made one. Some people may find it a bad decision, some may be happy about it. You may ask yourself now why am I leaving ? Well, I've lost my whole interest in this game and also a few private reasons. I'm playing this game for nearly 5 years now and I definitely need to take a pause from it. Even if I've only been 4 months in this great team, it were the best 4 months in my whole MTA career yet. It really saddens me to leave this awesome community. I'll visit the server and the forums from time to time but for now I'm gone. A very big "Thank you" goes to @V1SH4L though, not for being a friend of mine, but for being a person I'm able to look up and learn from. Farewell!
  8. NoNameZ

    Clan War Bets

    11 - 9 for TG
  9. NoNameZ

    Twisted Gamers vs Riders of Skills (14-6)

    Dayum, Siisti new designer please. Love it
  10. NoNameZ

    Clan War Bets

    TG 14 - 6 St. TG 12 - 8 Rs
  11. NoNameZ

    Share your MTA montages here

    Song name @DiatroN ? Kthx