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  1. IntreLeX

    I am out.

    Dear TG Most of you know me. I am currently a TG designer who is showing a big effort to this community. The first time I entered I got kicked due to speculations and internal troubles (mainly for leaking designs). I kept playing MTA as if nothing has been happened, until some great day on which I started to think if I should try to join TG again. I've made a deal with Impzy. I was waiting and working for TG without being a member for a month and I joined. I just wanna thank @Impzy and @MisterQuestions for this opportunity. Why I am leaving? I am not simply not feeling comfortable. It is not the kind of atmosphere I wished for. Anyway, I hope our server is going to have a great progress and I hope 3.0 will be released soon. I am not coming back this time, I wish you all the best.
  2. IntreLeX

    Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    vou continuar colocando
  3. IntreLeX

    Top 5 your TV Series

    Vikings House of Cards Game of Thrones Prison Break Blacklist
  4. IntreLeX

    Clan War Bets

    TG 17 - 3 EPC
  5. IntreLeX

    SebaS v18 - Miscellaneous

    osom, love your style
  6. IntreLeX

    Clan War Bets

    11-9 for TG
  7. KKKKKKKKK, mitou d+ mlkote, só agora q fiquei ligado no baguiu KKK

    1. Seexy



  8. IntreLeX

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    It's a pleasure being a part of this clan. Thank you!
  9. IntreLeX

    NoNameZ's Farewell!

  10. IntreLeX

    [DM] Corrupt ft. Zean ft. Flash - Eternal Obsession

    You could reduce the blur of the video Vishal (just an idea), cool map anyways.
  11. -|TG|-IntreLex pls :ph34r:

    1. IntreLeX


      I don't think this is gonna happen so early XD

    2. Mondim


      Easy for you brother, you deserve it! BTW, nice to see you again ;)

    3. IntreLeX


      thanks homie, long time we dont talk right? Good to see you too :p

  12. Hoi

    1. DiatroN


      hi ıntrelex wb


    2. GeroX


      Ay, who woke you up from your grave?

    3. IntreLeX


      Haha! ty DiatroN