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  1. I respect your opinion, anyway that is my first map I will try to improve my skills.
  2. Hello guys, today I want to present my first map. I hope you love it also, Big thanks to Tobsen for this amazing record
  3. Really we will miss you creshez. :(
  4. Hello, Can you help me how to visible everything ? like hud,mapname,radar. etc..

    1. V1SH4L


      Sure, check this tool out!


  5. Searching for a team. Skype : live:pro.drobox
  6. Darmos + Mat = Best admin in TG . Bye Bye TG : (
  7. -|TG|-Megaban , Thanks for your ban :mellow: :wacko:

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    2. Chari


      If it were we would tell you xD

    3. V1SH4L



    4. Mattox



      no ban pls 


  8. DroBoX

    My 3D Design

    I think I can copy it xD
  9. DroBoX

    My 3D Design

    Hi guys. Finally I finished my signature. I hope you love it :) URL : http://i.imgur.com/Tj0gNVg.png Bye Bye . . .
  10. Nice profile pic, Zayn.

  11. Nice job Symon .. I love track and it's with new idea Good Luck in v12 :D