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  1. SAnTa.

    The new Infernus Era!

    Good job keep it up
  2. SAnTa.

    I am finally back.

    Welcome back. gandu
  3. Congratulations boys :happy:

  4. SAnTa.

    Clan War Bets

    15-5 for TG ftw
  5. SAnTa.

    Santa, ok.

    @fano23forgot ya nolifer, perra <3
  6. SAnTa.

    Santa, ok.

    Hello, since I'm 16 years old I should focus on school. Thank you guys for letting me have my best moments. Mattox <3 gahba Namez love ya hundin Divi hou van jou Surflexy viado drew nada <3 vishal squ gandu BB i may play for 1 hour a month (Maybe)
  7. SAnTa.

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    Congratulations new trials :D
  8. SAnTa.

    NoNameZ's Farewell!

    gl hundin
  9. Rest in peace, tarkaan :(

  10. Happy birthday @Antadorea

    1. Antadorea
    2. FineDoG
    3. Vetor3x


      Even I don't know you, wish you happy Birthday.

  11. SAnTa.

    The pug leaves TG

    Good bye, good luck in ya life
  12. SAnTa.

    Gettin' ready!

    Cant wait to play on New TG, good luck tg admins and gl people for your join requests :)
  13. SAnTa.

    Deletion/Limit of PvP System

    @Megadreams Good luck :)
  14. How can i change my username ? ( login name on server or forum )

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SquoniX


      There was a way, but they removed the option.

    3. Mattox


      fe bug mrat ym7alk al account tb3k b3d mt3'yer esmk, ra7o shaloha @SAnTa.

    4. SAnTa.


      @Mattox k thx @SquoniX thank you too :)