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  1. See you in 2020 TG nah joke xd, GL!
  2. ~ imSoulless ~ Hey ey q pasa shavales, td bn, td correcto? Y io que me alegro.. i present my new bug, i hope you likeh Thanks to: DirefulCrab to Decorations and testing the tracks Straim to Testing the tracks and sucks my vagi*** KATGE to Recording my Bug[
  3. please un-block me in chat 

  4. hey amigos, i present my new map inspired in Dark Inceptions from Gteatero!! Thanks for recording the map KATGE!!
  5. Spalforfya *map tribute to DC v10 v12 & v15 *
  6. - Greefighay - * After months without pc I have been able to upload video of this map *
  7. chatbox bug?

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      KHE WATON XDdxdxdxdxd

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      [DM] TheNicO ft. TRtam ft. xT4ngY - Khe Waton xdxdxd