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  1. 98.Nahu

    Thenico - imSoulless 2

    Hey !
  2. 98.Nahu

    Thenico - imSoulless

    ~ imSoulless ~ Hey ey q pasa shavales, td bn, td correcto? Y io que me alegro.. i present my new bug, i hope you likeh Thanks to: DirefulCrab to Decorations and testing the tracks Straim to Testing the tracks and sucks my vagi*** KATGE to Recording my Bug[
  3. please un-block me in chat 

  4. 98.Nahu

    The grand opening

    alv prodan gj pruh
  5. 98.Nahu

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    alfin men, gj Paranoid mi amor
  6. 98.Nahu

    Thenico - For the love of Gteatero

    hey amigos, i present my new map inspired in Dark Inceptions from Gteatero!! Thanks for recording the map KATGE!!
  7. 98.Nahu

    What's Going on Now?

    q aburrido
  8. 98.Nahu

    Thenico - Spalforfya

    Spalforfya *map tribute to DC v10 v12 & v15 *
  9. 98.Nahu

    Thenico ft PCHZY - Greefighay

    - Greefighay - * After months without pc I have been able to upload video of this map *
  10. 98.Nahu

    Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Good job @DiatroN @Cumb1erO. @Krew
  11. chatbox bug?

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      KHE WATON XDdxdxdxdxd

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      [DM] TheNicO ft. TRtam ft. xT4ngY - Khe Waton xdxdxd

  12. - Dedicated to Needed Skill - PD: Para aquellos estúpidos que dirán que copie casi todo del map, Por mi digan lo que quieran, al map lo hice como quiera para Gus. Yo hice el map como se me dio la ganas. :)
  13. 98.Nahu

    Greck's maps