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  1. saqibrajput

    [DM] SaR v1 Dream

    My vol1 xD
  2. saqibrajput

    [DM] Rampage ft. Esp4wN - Luminosity

    nice map
  3. saqibrajput

    Share your MTA montages here

    Shooter / Hunter Montage
  4. saqibrajput

    [DM]OnweD v.1 - Nature Overflow

    nice map keep it up <3
  5. Welcome back


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  9. saqibrajput

    [CTF] Twisted Gamers vs Shlyaping Gaming (5-0)

    i am ready - (reserve) SaR1nG
  10. saqibrajput

    [TOOL] Arezu's mapping tool [UPDATED 25th]

    i have only 3box in continuous rotation section and all have 6 help me please
  11. saqibrajput

    TG's Christmas Oldschool Tournament! - Maps added

    YOUR IN-GAME NAME: sG://SaR YOUR COUNTRY: Pakistan WHAT ARE YOUR AVERAGE FPS AND PING: FPS - 30-45 | Ping - 150-250 DATES OF ABSENCE: Everyday on midnight time +GmT +5:30
  12. saqibrajput

    DeLeTe ft. SakY!#:3 - Path of Nature III

    Awesome and great work but can i get some mapping Tools? i don't want nextreme/arezu tool !
  13. saqibrajput

    Information regarding new server

    thanks but it's only need Nvidia Card?
  14. saqibrajput

    Information regarding new server

    Unix Which software you use to record game video? and i hope 3.0 have many other rooms too!, and also a limit of fps up to 60+
  15. saqibrajput


    or u can use netools