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  1. Follow me? I am zM4nuh

  2. This is not human. This has no religion. This has no place in our world. What happened today, is nothing but an act of extreme cowardness. #PrayForNice

    1. skiez


      its weird isnt it, what did france do to deserve that? it was supposed to be a day of celebration not mourning

    2. C4sp3R


      What about those Israelis who's killing Palestinians people everywhere?

      Your France's helping Israel to kill Palestinians free people, is it there problem? Why nobody care about them?

      Why you didn't post any stats when Israel fucked Gaza?

      What about Syria?

      Russia's killing them and let them leave their homes and their country to others to immigrants in other places, why nobody cares about them?

      ha? can you answer me? I'm not fucking racist.

      And i know maybe this status gonna to be deleted or i'll be banned but its okey.

    3. Santa


      We do care about them. It is a whole different thing tho when an attack hits closer. Also, i do not mean to offend anyone, but it happens in the poor countries daily, and thus is treated as "normal". I post this because I have friends and family living in France, and I feel deeply shocked by these actions. There is not a war going on in the eastern countries, whereas in less-sophisticated countries there is. Understand that.


      If you post about palestine, i dont come whining to your statuses. So either show some sympathy, or &%*$ off from my status.

  3. For example the way the leaders represent themselves in-game (lets not make any names here but you knooooooooooow if its not you then who is it) by trolling other players, and imo just going full fucking autism time to time is enough proof of incompetence suomeks vedäpäähäs tiiät et mä tykkään vaa määkiä paskasta syystä koska idk why not.
  4. As I said, TG is losing its loyal members due to the fucking impotence of the leaders. How pathetic. What a disgrace.
  5. Hey, every ride ends. World peace !
  6. Played the game for 6 years. Not worth it. Was cool for a few years, but its expensive as &%*$.
  7. Good luck for your future anushole :)
  8. wud u like som vinigar wid dat chikin ser

  9. The media we call social is anything but. As we use the most of our time as slaves to the technology that we have mastered, we often pretend to not notice the social isolation that it has caused.

    1. DarkyZ


      I don't care what you said, But hey buddy ^^


    2. SquoniX


      Slaves? Sure, it has some disadvantages, but the advantages make up for them.

  10. Santa

    Your dream

    My personal dream is to help those in need and stand for the people whom cannot stand for themselves.