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  1. Its nice to see that the community is going on and on. Happy Birthday!
  2. Congratz armexy and freak and good luck to all of the applicants :D
  3. I'm from Greece and I don't lag too - avg. ping 85
  4. Patikol

    TG: Portal

    Awesome job, awesome portal and good luck to all applicants for the recruitment!
  5. Happy Bday Kamen !!! n1Patinobpatin2kamenwsjegthe

    1. Delta


      Happy b-day Kamene :P

    2. Kamen


      Thank you pati (n1 pati :P)

      Thnks Delta :PPPP

  6. Thanks! The funny thing is that, the cobble stone, which is the worst designed block in mc in my opinion, looks so awesome in this mod xD
  7. Happy B-DAY TG !!!!! Best community so far ;)