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  1. Hello there, Maybe its way too late to talk to all of you, but, well here we go. During this past two weeks I lost completely my interest regarding MTA, how ever isn't an excuse to leave a job incomplete, im here to apologize to all of you guys, asking you for some time so I can finally fix important things and also include the new features such as dashboard. I promissed to make this community grow up and isn't something that will be done by doing nothing, in the following days keep an eye at our discord server until you see no messages at issues channel an a good ass changelog. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Hello there. Time passes fast, people come and go (with some exceptions), but we are still here, stronger than ever, reborn from the ashes as a phoenix, Yes, you already waited for enough time, we are still working on somethings to be prepared for one of the most important dates for us. With a lot of effort and dedication, we are prepared to announce you that we are making an official release of our alpha 'Phoenix' project Aka. 3.0 on April 7th. of the running year, with a lot of features to enjoy the gameplay. This project aims to be bigger than it currently is, but we feel good to start once again with our basic racing rooms (Deathmatch with three subdivisions which are Deathmatch, Hard Deathmatch and Classic Deathmatch, Old School, Demolition Derby, Hunter, Shooter, Capture The Flag and Training). We are well prepared to expand to more stuff easily, expect other rooms as expansion to race and non-race game modes. As a personal and really important note, I'll say that we are going to be doing continuous updates taking care of issues and implementing new features. You can see a countdown here: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/539790/30-official-release. Another important part of this topic is about some internal changes from our team, being brief I'd like to congratulate @PRODaN because he has been promoted to Co-Leader due his awesome job and I've been promoted to full Leader. With some effort, we will forge our community back again to its glory days. Finally, once again I'd like to thank you all for waiting and still being with us, we'll try to make our best to not disappoint you and make our community great again. Best regards, Twisted Gamers.
  3. Hello, Twisted Gamers, Finally the time has come, today’s announcement will be short - but very important for Twisted Gamers' future. First of all we’d like to announce you our internal changes. Our first trials of 2018 has just been voted for and those are the lucky ones who made into our team: @Paranoid @Trend @ExTreMe14 @NoType @Cathrine @AnarchY I’d like to congratulate each one of you for the patience and your great presence in our community, keep it up! Sadly there are also few members who aren’t with us anymore: Leon > Kicked - 08/11/2017 RaYz > Left - 16/01/2018 Mousy > Left - 17/01/2018 Boudi > Left - 23/01/2018 Chronik > Kicked - 11/03/2018 Last but not least my hardest congratulations for @pieT who successfully passed his trial period and got himself a developer rank! Now it’s the time for our most important news we had since so long time. We are shutting down our server... Well, its time has come to a sad ending, finally, we have decided to shutdown our main server on 20th of March 2018, but it has a good purpose behind, it's about our 3.0 official release. In the coming days, we are doing hard tests in the gamemode, to check everything is ok and not to disappoint you. (Once again). With enough tears we say good bye to 2.0, thanking all of the developers who collaborated with in it, and most important thanking you goes to you - for supporting us the entire time (playing with us, having fun with us, enjoying being with us) Thanks to everybody. Hello 3.0! For a really loooong time waiting, we finally managed to make this dream come true, to give a reborn to our actual server with some awesome features, fixes, and improvements. In this early alpha state of gamemode (yes it has much more to come with time) we are releasing our basic race modes - but don't get disappointed too soon, we will be working hard to improve proximal issues (if found) and release more gamemodes with much <3 . This is a well-prepared multigamemode to handle various gamemodes running at once trying to be smooth and prepared for the future, anything can be included with some lines of code. Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
  4. Shit goin' out of control, topic closed, all of this will be discussed. ktnx
  5. Hey there! In today's announcement, we will handle some important topics that you may be interested in. Server updates As some of you may have already noticed, we have updated some things on the server, there has been some changelogs at our Discord server. (If you haven't had the time to catch them yet, join our Discord by clicking here. Being brief, we have updated some scripts like nametags and radar, map loading seems to be faster now and there has been also added missing functions to load on maps (like Simas' v9) Even you can enjoy Capture the Flag again without worrying about people using spawn changer to get enemy's flag, and finally prophunt has been fixed! We hope you enjoy a bit more your stay on the server with this quick fixes/updates. Upcoming server version (Twisted Gamers 3.0) Some others are also waiting to see news related to this, personally, I want to say that progress is going really well, and hopefully, we will be able to launch really soon, I'm really excited about this project and all of its features, there are no promises about an exact date but you can rely that it is closer than ever, this is the only thing I have to say about it at the moment. Join requests Yes, some of you guys were waiting for this, and finally, we are happy to announce that we are opening join requests again, wish you all of the luck to everyone, and hopefully, we'll see you soon as part of our lovely team. Remember everyone has a chance, but we are only accepting the ones who really deserve it. Please make proper join requests, might wanna read this before posting one. Delayed holidays Finally, we wish you all to have happy holidays, wishing you the best not only for this past xmas but also for the upcoming year. Yeah, another year almost finishes and were happy to share it with you, thanks for everything!. Best regards, Twisted Gamers
  6. We have set your request to pending, and we will give you an answer about it soon. Thanks for your patience.
  7. We have set your request to pending, and we will give you an awnser about it soon. Thanks for your patience.
  8. We aren't in the possibility of making clan wars at the moment, maybe in the future.
  9. We aren't in the possibility of making clan wars at the moment, maybe in the future.
  10. We aren't in the possibility of making clan wars at the moment, maybe in the future.
  11. We aren't in the possibility of making clan wars at the moment, maybe in the future.
  12. We'll inform about it in the following weeks
  13. Hello there, i'd like to say to donators they are now free to change their usernames by clicking on your account name >  Account Settings > Display name.

  14. Hey there, It's been a while since our last announcement, and today, I am glad to tell you about something new. In the past few days, we've had some internal changes related to our infrastructure, I will explain the changes in detail below. The changes are related to the new roles, which are: Community Manager: Yes, this role was empty for some time, but that will no longer be the case. We have given this role to @fano23. We felt that he is capable of taking care of our community which requires a lot of responsibility. Server Moderator: This is one of the new roles that we have created, the person having this role has to manage the whole server, he has a few more permissions over all rooms, @PRODaN is taking this role. Forum Moderator: We can't leave @ChroniK alone, so we decided to add @PRODaN here as well. Discord Moderator: You'll think we are crazy, but no, being a Discord Moderator will still have some responsibilities. @SquoniX will be the one given this place, he will try to increase our server's activity, moderate it if needed and change the atmosphere over there. Social Media Manager: We don't have someone to take care of our social networks, so we've decided to give @Mazda this role. Clan War Manager: @Vetor3x decided to retire from this role, and I really appreciate what he has done for us and I we thank him. Since the role was empty, we decided that @Mecha will take his place as the Clan War Manager, this role is a bit different now due to another new role which has been explained below. Gamemode Managers: Someone who's really capable of managing a gamemode, creating a squad, managing maps, toptimes, etc. We are currently adding gamemode managers & assistants for: Deathmatch: We are taking @Hope as our manager and @Doxiu as his assistant. Shooter: @Mazda is the most capable member for this role, and he will be the one to manage it. @Mecha will be his assistant. Old school: @Impzy will be managing this gamemode. Hunter: @Cumb1erO. will be managing this gamemode. Capture the Flag: @Mecha will be the one who will take care of everything here. Race: @Cumb1erO. will be managing this gamemode. These are the most important changes you'll see at the moment, but it's also important to add that we've entrusted @Tron. with the 'Reports Manager' role and @Zeist with the 'Trial Manager' role. I would like to congratulate these members for finally passing their trial period: @Mazda @Xizen @Doxiu @DiatroN @Krew @Cumb1erO. Please keep in mind that the new trials' trial period has not ended yet. Best regards,Twisted Gamers' Administration.
  15. Hey there! In this short announcement I'm talking about our current situation - as you may have noticed, we have been down for almost 2 weeks now, but why, and what are we doing about it? Why? Well, it isn't an MTA server problem, because as you may have noticed, server is still online, but once you try to connect you time out and the server kicks you... With the help of @Tommeh, we have contacted our hosting provider and noticed our network is crashing somehow when the server is sending data. :/ What are we doing about it? Well, as I said we have contacted our host provider, and they are working on it, and hopefully problem will be fixed soon - so stay tuned, for further updates about this issue. We really miss everyone at the server. With nothing else to say for now, I wish you all a great day. Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
  16. This "works" for a temporary solution, somehow making pass check with forum database takes ages, but works after some minutes.
  17. Awesome things can happen suddenly :579dcf9c8b822_EmojiSmiley-06:

  18. Hey there, thanks for information, already solved it!