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  1. Welcome to North Korea :rolleyes:

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    2. AdamJames


      You said won't take things any further, if you don't though, which clearly means what I have explained earlier. In regards to you posting this status updated: I already have explained why this is stupid.

      Again, I have not accused you using a fake account because I said seems which no way is a direct way of accusation, but a possibility. I did not accuse you of disrespecting any culture at all, I simply applied same comparsion you used when posting this status update to what I have explained earlier.

      Now this clearly shows you keep arguing about same topics and thus try to argumentate on what has already treated.

      Hoping not to see any of this again, we really do want to keep building our way through and go up - instead of doing opposite as most of you are pretending us to.

      Good night.

    3. skiez


      my god i put milk first and cornflakes later, does that make me a satanist like you guys?

      oh wait theres no god, theres our dark lord and savior

      oh god it posted it twice

    4. Passord


      pls more entertainment, i still have popcorn left

  2. I never talked about a shooter tournament. I was planning to make a CSGO/League type DM tournament.
  3. Hello. Today I am sad to say that I have decided to leave TG & MTA. With recent happenings I no longer feel like being a part of the MTA community. With many years behind me playing MTA, this has grown very tiresome and is more stressful than anything, and with the extra bullshit from all fronts I've decided I no longer want this, I'd rather focus my time on something else and enjoy my freetime. I will say that any accusations from FFS against me were completely false, a lot of people know I've been on vacation and spreading these scripts is not something I could have done from my phone. Scripts I also don't have and don't have any intention of retrieving. I've not been involved in this at all, not years ago and not now, it is something that I would never condone doing from a moral standpoint. I will continue my friendship with those who have been good friends over the years, and of course continue to work with Unix with his endeavours, as we've done for almost a decade! Perhaps I'll see some of you over at JC3MP some day. Have fun. Sincerely, ouyso.
  4. Apparently I am magically spreading scripts while on vacation :huh: snapchat: ouyso :wink:

  5. Title says it. Mine is ouyso
  6. Sleeping in bar won't help you at all? The only possible way this could award you anything is playtime, and playtime does not count in bar, so sleeping in bar has no use.
  7. Basically: 0Pea198Le.png

    1. Kagan


      xD , that's MTA

  8. Hi people. Unfortunately we have experienced a lot of problems the last 3-4 hours, we thought we would be able to fix everything and be able to launch today, but unfortunately things are not going our way. In the process we've had to scrap 3 days of progress, and have to do everything over again. Understand that we did everything we could to be able to launch today, and even though we are not launching, I am going to include the thread which will be re-posted once the server launches. Hopefully it can give you an idea of what the server will be like, and hopefully it will only be a few days until we try this again. When we launch we will go ahead and launch, we won't announce any more dates or anything like that. Thanks for understanding.. ----------- Hi guys. I am pleased to welcome all of our players to Twisted Gamers 3.0, a server we have worked on for a long time. We have decided that we are going to unban most players along with the launch of our new server, we hope that these players abide by the rules, we will be more strict in punishing said players if a rule is broken. Now, there is a few things that need to be mentioned. The server we launch today, is a server we are going to work on a lot more. There are more features (and rooms) coming your way in the near future, most of these features have some work to them but are not 100%, therefore they won't be here on launch day. We mentioned in a earlier thread that we have taken this long to finish the server because we didn't want to launch something that wasn't finished, sadly that is what we find ourselves doing today. The reason behind this is as we have explained before, we have busy lives and we can't add hours to the clock. You can expect the server to be updated a lot in the following weeks, with everything from bug fixes to new features. Our priority will be to finish the userpanel and the garage, after that is done you will begin to see more subtle changes. Freeroam is going to be expanded, and will have a lot of other features that are not available today. Now, onto what we are launching. The server we have made has a lot of focus toward performance, in order to make our server enjoyable for those with networks that aren't good, or computers that suck. When we set out to make the server, we actually didn't want to use any pictures whatsoever, this worked out for a while until Nextreme started Freeroam (giggle) There have been made great improvements in the way the player downloads map files, for example, you only download the palm mod once, and it will be shown in all maps that use it. Now, instead of making you bored with all my text, I am going to list the improvements of our server. New gamemodes - Freeroam - Minigames(coming soon) - Domination - Clanwars(coming soon) Deathmatch & oldschool - Ghost - Guide lines - New training mode w/ rewind (Hold O to rewind at any point in the map, this will automatically "kill" you and you will enter training mode) - Spawn selector (use arrow keys to change your spawn) Hunter & shooter - Maps now have a set timer - Automatic respawn - Most kills = winner General improvements - Rockets visible on radar - Colored rockets in different gamemodes such as CTF and DOM. - New lobby & join room mechanism (Arcade stations) - New radar - New speedometer - New GUI in Capture the flag - New scoreboard - New statistics system & levels - New userpanel & garage(done soonish) - New login panel & registration system - Language chat(coming very soon) And a lot of other stuff... Remember that this was scripted from scratch and has a lot of changes that are not visible in terms of stabilization etc. All your previous statistics have been reset. At the present time you can not view your statistics, although you are gaining statistics. This will as mentioned be added along with our new userpanel. The website is going to be completely rescripted and redesigned at a later point. We are announcing the winners of the competition on Thursday. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
  9. Nathan/Unix is now a developer in JC3MP. :laugh:


  10. Fantastic mod by DaXx :)
    New TG logo (made by Coronet/Gajeel) 


  11. There is nothing we can do against the DDoS attacks, unless we pay 880 euros for better DDoS protection, something we don't have... So we're gonna have to wait it out.

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    2. Surflexy


      880 euros, Holy shit. ²

    3. Canky
    4. Cheslav


      Where are you Real, mattox and others

  12. Looking forward to this :))))

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    2. ouyso


      He should be. gulrot is the host.:rolleyes:


    3. Unix
    4. Ramsy


      I don't even know what I'm reading but k. ¯\_ツ_/¯