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  1. Hello everybody, As you may know we are working hard to develeop TG 3.0. For example this gamemode. And for playing trouble in terrorist town is something needed: Maps. It would be awesome if you support this cause by making a map. Let's move on and find out how to do so: First of all download the mapping-resource: https://www.dropbox.com/s/47gdug1o5lpg0uh/ttt.zip?dl=0 1. Upload this resource to your mapping server. 2. Refresh your server and restart editor. 3. Go to the definitons: 4. Add ttt to the definitions: 5. Now you should have in the left bottom corner (try to scroll) these buttons: 6. There is a minimum of 4 spawnpoints, also there should be enough weapons for 16 players. 7. Send me the map via Skype: hidinmta Have fun with mapping. Kind Regards -|TG|-Hidin (for the people who don't know what ttt is:)