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  1. &%*$ Your Mind :

    1. Deagle


      &%*$ yours

  2. &%*$ Your Mind :

  3. JasieK

    Ingame related pictures

    Soon ... [DM] JasieK |-| Vacuum |-|
  4. [DM] PolakMaly ft. JasieK - Finished <3

  5. JasieK

    Ingame related pictures

    I didn't make more pics cause my editor fucked up and it s suckiest part in my map xd
  6. I need help with Editor. It can t start and idk why .... I mean when i want start editor i see only "Starting Local Server" and its all ... Please Help

    1. Dracula


      he can't even connect to the server, do you think that the commands will work?