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  1. Rhypz

    The end

    Unfortunately I knew this was bound to happen, but still it was a pleasure being part of this community. Thanks for everything Twisted Gamers. (Big thanks to @V1SH4L and @Siisti-C for the good times) 🙂
  2. With all this recent news about some members leaving, I also decided to leave Twisted Gamers. Unlike the other members that left, my reasons are completely different ( at least i think ) but i won't be talking about them. All that Im going to say is that I lost interest being part of Twisted Gamers. After playing in this server for almost 2 years I had alot of great times and i also met alot of nice people, but with all of these good stuff, theres also the bad stuff and recently thats all that I can see right now. I'm still going to play in the server but not as much as I did before, also I would like to thanks to all the TG members and ex.TG members for everything and especially VISH4L. Good luck in the future guys and sorry about this. Bye.
  3. Good map sky nub, huehue
  4. Simple but nice , good job:)