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  1. Co2

    The end

    Pretty much.
  2. Co2

    The end

    I had great and memorable moments playing in this server, it's sad to hear that.. Good bye.
  3. tege! ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; )

    1. Alaaaay


      ur mom gey


    2. gemi


      ha gayy

  4. Happy birthday asshole :579dcfae886d2_EmojiSmiley-102:

  5. Co2

    Battle Royale

    PUBG ofc, its the best br game so far. fuk fortine
  6. Will miss you man! :( , I hope the best luck for your future life.
  7. Glad to hear that, good luck and hope it won't take alot of time
  8. Since you are busy with your lives and can't have time for fixing bugs and working on TG 3.0, I suggest you to release TG 2.0 again if that's possible till it gets better and becomes playable, because as everyone can see, people are losing interest on playing in the server especially after releasing TG 3.0. In my opinion doing this will bring players back at least for a period of time.
  9. Finally a good internet :579dcf9bb84b3_EmojiSmiley-02:

    I'm coming back!

  10. Whats life without nolifing °͜ʖ°?

    1. Fano23


      Real life °͜ʖ°?


    2. Coronet
  11. Co2


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    2. Fano23


      Co!2^: i masturbate using bombs ههههههههههه هكر

    3. MarkWebb
    4. TheDragon
  12. Happy Birthday :579dcf9d0c2c5_EmojiSmiley-08:

    1. Co2


      Ty bro ❤