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  1. Roddy

    The end

    TG This was the starting point of my MTA, so I grew up a lot and made many friends. Even if I play somewhere else, my house is TG forever.
  2. Roddy

    hi Gemi.

    TG멤버 달으셨네요ㅎ 축하해요.

    요즘 뭐하고 지내시나하고 궁금해서 왔어요,.

    아직도 예전처럼 초심잃지않고 하시구있나해서 ㅋㅋ


    나중에 시간나시면 스캎이나 하시쥬 ㅇㅋ?


  3. I wanted to leave the MTA, but I could not and I wondered about tg's news while I was living my life. So I decided to come back to TG. I'm playing TG with a nickname called Psy | NewFace!. i will finish all hard map in tg
  4. Congratulations @Xizen , @Krew , @Mazda and nice welcome back @Cumb1erO. :D @Antadorea , @GeroX congratulations passing trials!
  5. [Record by Roddy!] Hey guys, i finished demons skills 2 :D i'm show you my video! it's will help you finish the map.
  6. Record by Roddy _______________________________________________ * infernus : M1cra v3 * Led lights by NitroN * Song : Au5 ft. Danyka Nadeau - Inside _______________________________________________
  7. Recording is so good! and good map :)
  8. Record by Roddy _______________________________________________ * infernus : M1cra v3 * Led lights by NitroN * Song : Celldweller - ShutEmDown _______________________________________________ Nice map :D
  9. Record by Roddy __________________________________________ * infernus : M1cra v3 * Song : Stonebank - Step Up (feat. Whizzkid) __________________________________________
  10. gz bro 3>

    1. Roddy


      thx ATr1x :D

    2. Antadorea


      yea from me too

    3. Heibara


      축하 내 친구