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  1. Welcome. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. You will see that we are a great community
  2. Welcome! You'll see that we are a great community. Just enjoy your stay here!
  3. Byee broI hope to see you in the server again.
  4. Bye dude. I'd like to see you someday around
  5. Welcome man. Enjoy your stay here!
  6. Congratulations for everybody, don't waste this new chance!!. And also gratz for the guys who passed the trial period, especially for @PRODaNiella!! Little Marthy
  7. Cya Nonamez. We will miss you Just good luck and I hope to see you here
  8. Well it is a little hard to believe it but it seems true. Just I'd like to wish you goid luck, specially in the university. I hope to see you around here. You really were 1 of the best admins. Cya Pit
  9. Marth

    Gettin' ready!

    Gratz for members who have been promoted. You'll do it so good! :)
  10. Good luck for both. I think there aren't anyone who can do it better. Bothhave good experience and good guys. So I am sure thst you'll do it so good. Gratz :)!!
  11. Cya man. Good luck in your new period ;)
  12. We didn't speak so much but you seem good guy (at least my cousin thinks same hahahhaha). Just I'd like to wish you good luck in your new period and hope to see you around :)