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  1. Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Congratulations @Paranoid, @Trend, @NoType, @Cathrine and @ExTreMe14 for your effort showing that you deserved to be part of the clan and help us on the new server, also to @pieT for working hard to make of TG 3.0 a reality and become a developer. For those who didn't get accepted or still didn't try it, we will be waiting for you on the new server. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  2. Fanito bro, soy iSpeak  (Colombia)  ..... Necesito un favor tuyo, puedes decirme cual es la cancion del mapa de Frankestein de old school

  3. هههههههههه

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      Co!2^: i masturbate using bombs ههههههههههه هكر

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      Hhhhhhh ez 

  4. Hi fano, I've got a banned Macks, (you know him, I think), from one of the admins - | TG | -MeMiz0r ~ supposedly for using hacks. And whether it would give him advice to unban him. I know Macks for a long time and I do not think that he hacks you too, and if you could not, I would ask for the real reason for this permban. pls try

  5. Heey ? can you answer me in discord my name there is noovl


  6. Happy birthday Amigo fanito

    1. fano23


      Ty beatboxer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Feliz cumpleaños fanole, que la pases bien y espero que ya dejes de jugar mta :'v :579dcf9cc384a_EmojiSmiley-07::579dcf9d0c2c5_EmojiSmiley-08::579dcfbc4fba9_EmojiSmiley-173:

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      Gracias taquito, ya viste como jugaba despues de dejarlo :579dcf9f7bb44_EmojiSmiley-21:

  8. Happy Birthday gordo gay <3
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      Obrigado viado  ( ত ͜ʖ ত )

  9. oh it's our hero's Birthday yo!

    Happy Birthday bro

  10. First of all, well written Dan. Congratulations to members who have been promoted, new developers and those ones who have a task inside the team, I'm sure all of you will do a great job. Also thanks for everyone who participated on the CTF tournament and FA members, it has been funny and I enjoyed to play with such a good team.
  11. Didn't expect an infernus mod like this, will try it for sure.
  12. yes, I need help, I was playing normally on the 5th, that was the night, when I went in the next day, I could not get into the account, I logged on to the site, I was not giving it, I decided to change the password, however incredible it may seem , changed my email and my password, but when I entered my email to see if it had something, it appeared the email of this guy, his email is, I tried to change his email password, but I can not I do not know what I do, please help me

    1. NickSollet


      My name in game is #Aleeex <~ to playing as a guest now, If you can help me, I thank you too much.

    2. PRODaN


      What was the nickname on your account?

  13. Happy birthday Chronos :ph34r:


  14. Hello there, Today's announcement will be short, because we haven't got a lot of things to say this time. First, we will talk about the new trials, let's congratulate our new trials: @Thomas: Welcome, mate, hope you enjoy your stay! @Known: We're gladly welcoming you to our community. @gemi: You really deserved it with your daily his and byes, welcome aboard! @RadheN: Waiting made worth it for you, didn't it? @Mousy: Welcome and hope you'll enjoy being with us. @Azula: Hope you'll be helpful for us a lot! @Surflexy: Welcome back, former community lagger! Those are the guys we've selected this time, hope they will show you how useful they are. Sadly, we are ending the recruitment session for the time being, but don't get disappointed, we will start it again in some time, and hopefully, we will see some new faces again! Now, switching to another topic - the CTF tournament, we know all of you have been waiting for an update. It has been a long time since we have updated you folks about it, first, we are ending the registration period on 29th July (21:00 GMT + 2). So, hurry up if you haven't registered your team (you can register your team here and if you are unable to find a team, create a post here to let others know that you're looking for a team.), you still have some time left! Since @Vetor3x has been kicked from the clan, @SquoniX and @Mecha have been appointed as the new organizers. But now, when will the matches start? Once we end the registration period, we will start scheduling the matches. The tournament will start in the first week of August. We will contact the team leaders and ask some questions, so be prepared and don't forget to train. Last but not the least, you might have noticed that the following members are no longer with us. We would like to thank them for their contributions and wish them good luck in their future endeavours: @IntreLeX: Left on 30.05.2017 @Break: Kicked on 01.06.2017 @No1seTG: Kicked on 25.06.2017 @LeMoN: Kicked on 25.06.2017 @Vetor3x: Kicked on 05.07.2017 @HyPeX: Left/Retired on 08.07.2017 @Al1eN: Kicked on 19.07.2017 @DaXx: Left on 19.07.2017 With nothing else to say, Best regards, Twisted Gamers.
  15. [THEME] Twisted Gamers v2

    Good job, finally I can get rid of your Halloween one.